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    Discord Notification Sound (Ping)

    BRR Samples → Discord Notification Sound (Ping)

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    Submission Details

    Name: Discord Notification Sound (Ping)
    Author: Segment1Zone2
    Collection: Single
    Description: The iconic yet annoying Discord Notification Sound (also known as a Discord Ping).

    The submission includes two versions, one of which is higher quality (labelled HQ).

    That's about it, hope you enjoy it and have fun messing with people. =P
    Tags: misc
    Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
    Download 100.46 KiB | 201 downloads ▶   Play SPC

    Comments (10)

    Leaf_7 Link
    just what i need >:3
    7 up Link
    > I'm about to annoy SMWC users.
    > @everyone
     Niko0902 Link
    Dark Mario Bros Link
    @everyone is @here
    KaidenThelens Link
    I'm about to punt you to Mars and back. #smw{>:)}
    Murphmario Link
    BabaYegha Link
    not why?
    mason Link
     Anorakun Link
    why not?
    anonimzwx Link