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Oops, All Grasslands

Super Mario World Hacks → Oops, All Grasslands

Submission Details

Name: Oops, All Grasslands
Author: LouisDoucet
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: What started as an attempt to create an old-school hack turned into a strange array of levels I just felt like making. Hopefully it is enjoyable, despite its eccentricity.

If I had to name any inspirations, I would say that playing Tricky Mario and its sequel motivated me, and may have even inspired some of the design.

Special thanks to PunishmenTEAM, and especially to Sweetdude and KevinM for being so willing to help me out.
Tags: glitch music traditional vanilla
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Comments (2)

 LouisDoucet Author Link
As this hack has been beaten, and as it has come to my attention that it is actually very difficult to beat, I've decided to record clear videos which can be found here.

I'm incredibly grateful to GlitchCat7 for persevering, and beating this hack.
TypeII_Mound Link
Having fun so far, can't get enough distance on the bullets to reach the cement yet #tb{:p}