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Super Mario World Hacks → Purgatory

Submission Details

Name: Purgatory
Author: Fyre150
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: "The afterlife welcomes you with a path to Paradise."

This is Purgatory: an amalgamation of my video game inspirations, presented as a modern kaizo hack. It seems Mario has met an unfortunate end, finding himself at the foot of Mount Purgatory. The only way to escape is to brave the climb and ascend beyond the apex to reach Paradise.

This hack features:
- 21 exits of pure platforming, primarily (there's very little item usage).
- A variety of custom palettes and backgrounds (with mostly vanilla assets).
- Secret message boxes to find throughout.
- The typical list of QoL patches.
- Fake HDMA :)

With this being my first hack, I had two goals: firstly, to teach myself to play and design kaizo; and secondly, to create a collection of levels that I found to be fun and challenging.

To those that gave me any feedback, to those that helped me directly, and -- of course -- to my wonderful playtesters: there are no words to express how grateful I am. This hack would not be the same without everyone's efforts, comments, and collective reassurance. Thank you all, truly.

To those who will embark on the journey to Paradise: I wish you good luck and I hope you enjoy it.


v1.1 changes:
- See the Changelog file for details.
Tags: asm fake hdma less exgfx music
Comments: 34 (jump to comments)
5.0 (28 ratings)
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Comments (34)

EvilAdmiralKivi Link
Amazing hack with just the right amount of chocolate. Aesthetics, consistent levels difficulty and interesting setups make this hack one of my favourites so far!
saucebrune Link
I don't think I'll ever be able to express how formative playing this hack has been for me. Looking at my reaction when I realized I had finished it is the best I can provide. See 03:02 of this video :

While I'm extremely proud and happy to have completed Purgatory, I am also saddened by the fact that I will never be able to play it again for the first time.

A special thank to @Fyre150 for having created this work of art.

The final level makes us relive in ethereal fashion the themes we encountered throughout the game. As the game suggests, you'll soar to salvation upon finishing it (I can vouch for that.)
Few end screens have resonated so deeply with me since I started playing video games about 35 years ago.

This game was a real challenge for me, but each section that I earned was highly satisfying and I quickly became addicted to the endorphin rushes I was getting after getting clears. I started several levels thinking I didn't have what it took to complete them, but the game taught me to double-down on my patience and resilience. Completing a level in this context is a FIERY feeling (see what I did there).

Some levels that deserve to be highlighted:
- Pricky Climb: a skytree with a twist! So much fun to play. Unlike others, I was able to appreciate the wall nipples.
- Jump In Altitude: probably one of the hardest/technical levels I've beaten so far. Jank slopes sure will make you curse. But overcoming them feels real good!
- Chocolate Disco: the level that took me the longest to beat, a big 4h30~ish astiche to finish a single level, ultra-difficult, ultra-technical for me, really came close to giving up everything several times. I came out of that level a definitively better disco-shell rider. Thanks Fyre.
- Supercool Fusion: super technical, ice physics, item-swimming, probably my favorite level of the whole hack. Love the on/off ice/water switch idea. On par with...
- Woodland Tango: lots of fun with Rex. The exit secret of this level is stupidly fun. Such a good level. Chef's kiss.

I could talk for hours on how intelligently designed this hack is, how each level is thought out and fine-tuned, or how I adored the fact that it was 99% pure platforming, or how the overworlds are full of magnificient small details... Really I could. So yeah, tl;dr : a major league hack. Play it.
timeisart Link
wow Fyre you really came out swinging with your first hack, this was fantastic! the gameplay was fun and challenging but the music and atmosphere were what really set this hack apart. looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.
Fryinb Link
Hi, this was nice :) thanks

Gurggz Link
Great hack. Tons of neat tricks, setups, and platforming. My kind of hack. There's one level that may not be for everyone, but you'll overcome with enough commitment. ckRate 5 out of 5 kaizo blocks.
MarsAmpere Link
Super nice stuff. The setups are tough but the tricks themselves are pretty simple and intuitive. I liked the theme a lot, too- for a Mario romfanmadegame, it's rather contemplative.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
So ... about that OST 😬
Kimota Link
Nice hack. Enjoyed the theming and atmosphere. A few all-time banger sections as well.
Aether Quantity Link
Really enjoyed the aesthetics, story, and levels! A great upper-intermediate hack :)
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Ascension themed romhacks are the most aesthetic and most creative. Amazing romhack, 10/10
GangsterJerby Link
Just beat this 100%! (true 100% #tb{;)})
Incredible hack, the aesthetics and level design are off the charts.
Favorite level is a toss up between
Woodland Tango
Supercool Fusion

Amazing work FYRE! Excited to see what you make next #smw{B)}
camposg48 Link
I was able to pass the first level #tb{:DD}, super fun to play and nice to see
The Voipah Link
Easily one of the best hacks released this year. Super polished and fun 5/5
shaoshao Link
This hack is super polished and fun. 10/10
Davebave Link
I enjoyed this hack a lot! keep going :)
Espliz24 Link
i thinked it will be easy but no, great hack
Tiroler From older version: Purgatory Link
Excellent hack. The set-ups were consistent and intuitive. I generally enjoyed all the custom ASM. The more challenging ASM was nerfed with shorter sections (single button press water, for example) which was an excellent player friendly choice. It really seems like a ton of effort went into the hack and there was a very clear attention to detail. It showed, because this is an excellent hack. Highly recommend.
BunBunAshly From older version: Purgatory Link
easily my favorite hack ever. one of my favorite games ever. this hack was beyond my skill level, but it pushed me without ever feeling tedious or frustrating (despite many times saying to myself 'this is impossible'), so sticking with it until my skill caught up was a joy. i hope to someday make something i love as much as i love this <3
SteamyPanini From older version: Purgatory Link
Top notch hack, 10/10. Hats off to you Fyre!
Abdu From older version: Purgatory Link
No spring jam 0/10, nah but fr the hack is very well done and in my top 3 hacks for sure.
PastaNoSauce From older version: Purgatory Link
Part of the 'next gen' of hack design being released over the last year+.

This hack relies heavily on 'gotta go fast' design difficulty, and so lends to plenty of spaghetti. As such, a 12 hour clear time for me - while still entertaining throughout.
TheNikoShow From older version: Purgatory Link
Loving this hack so much. I'm 17 exits in, and sad it's almost over. It has a great mix of tight jumps and fun platforming, with a few moments that really put a smile on my face. Thank you for putting the time into this, it shows. #smw{:TUP:}
mmBeefStew From older version: Purgatory Link
This was a joy to play from start to finish, the attention to detail throughout is incredible. This is a great hack to really help with jump control, I think this is ideal for intermediate players and above but is very accessible to any player. Amazing job working on this and I hope to see more of your work in the future! 5/5
Neuromancer From older version: Purgatory Link
Fun hack!
TokZone From older version: Purgatory Link
so good #tb{:j}
Jonah_ From older version: Purgatory Link
Fyre really is a master of "french vanilla" aesthetics - which are consistent throughout both this hack's visuals and level design. Fun and polished levels from top to bottom. #tb{:>}
sio-kedelic From older version: Purgatory Link
Top tier hack, very beautiful hack and very fun level design :)
GarryJFehr From older version: Purgatory Link
I never comment but felt I needed to for this one. Favorite hack of the year so far hands down, 10/10. Great job Fyre.
AllexGG From older version: Purgatory Link
A very awesome hack, the levels are totally well done, the gameplay is great, nothing to complain about 10/10.
Kezcade From older version: Purgatory Link
An extremely well made hack that shows it was made with lots of love and attention to detail, and this not only being Fyre's first hack but also being their introduction to playing kaizo is incredible.
BabaYegha From older version: Purgatory Link
This beauty is really close to my heart. Thanks FYRE to being part of the creation!!
 mason From older version: Purgatory Link
An excellent hack. Well-polished aesthetics, interesting yet familiar gameplay, and a keen eye for design makes Purgatory stand out. Thank you for making, FYRE.
Ziplocz From older version: Purgatory Link
Originally posted by CNaught
Too much lore, I can't read

10/10 I am loremaster now.
(Also fantastic first hack, one of the best this year, especially from a new creator!)
CNaught From older version: Purgatory Link
Too much lore, I can't read