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Super Mario World Hacks → INCEPTION

This file is obsolete. The latest version is INCEPTION. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Author: Dr.Moe
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: INCEPTION aims to be an intermediate Kaizo: Light - hack.

This hack has 4 Worlds, 17 Exits, no secrets or switch palaces and 4 custom boss fights.

I tried to focus on mostly well balanced platforming and just a few item tricks...this hack is fairly difficult, so not recommended for beginners.

Most of the levels are featuring a chocolate gimmick, while always keeping Marios original physics

Credits can be found after beating last boss ;)

Thanks to everyone who supported this hack, and the whole smwcentral community...

I spend a lot of time in building and polishing this hack, so...
I hope you enjoy playing this!

Version 1.1 update 11/10/21:

the major change of this update:

fixed the tower bowser boss:
-completely changed phase 1
-moved bossfight to end of world 3 to not let the player have 2 long bossfights in a row, which could lead to much frustration...

-shorter last bossfight

minor changes:

Fixed some spawn dependencies and jank
made some supertight spots less tight
added indicators for better readability
Tags: animation boss chocolate intermediate kaizo kaizo light
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Comments (8)

 Pokemon Hacker Link
Hey Dr.Moe , where's that OST tracklist?
Dr.Moe Author Link
thx for your feedback @3dsalmon, i knew there was a bit of lag in the very last phase, but watching your VOD looked like its more laggy than on maybe its an issue when playing on super NT. whatever, I gonna make an update to remove that lag in the future, but for now i need a pause working on this hack ;)
3dsalmon Link
Overall an extremely fun, unique, and difficult romhack. Really creative levels and setups, great aesthetics and cool level themes/gimmicks

HOWEVER, my experience with the final boss was extremely frustrating. I loved it, until I got to the final hit. Whenever the final green shell spawned, the game started lagging horribly. Like, REALLY bad. While it’s possible that it’s an issue on my end, I play on a super NT, so unless it’s an issue with my NT specifically I’m not sure that’s the case. It was extremely frustrating to get through that long and difficult boss fight only to die because inputs were being eaten by extreme lag. In the end I only ended up beating it by keeping the mushroom til the end and damage boosting the final hit.

Still, that was my only major frustration with the hack. Hopefully you can get that fixed (assuming it’s not something wrong with my hardware). Still one of my favorites I’ve played in a long time.
Dr.Moe Author Link
the overworld path was still set to down when completing the level...should work now. thx Nadir
Nadir Link
Overworld breaks at the end of Taiga, it doesn't allow you to go to the next level.
Nadir From older version: INCEPTION Link
PastaNoSauce From older version: INCEPTION Link
While I playtested the early levels as they were being completed, replaying this had me wanting it to be over quickly. Perhaps recently replaying Bunbun 2 and Peachy Moat World made me soft for easy-to-read level design. That said, for being Dr. Moe's 2nd hack, his understanding of Lunar Magic, custom asm, aesthetics, and sound choice are all incredible.
Desert From older version: INCEPTION Link