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RAM Toggled Status Bar (& IRQ)

SMW Patches → RAM Toggled Status Bar (& IRQ)

Submission Details

Name: RAM Toggled Status Bar (& IRQ)
Author: Kevin
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch allows you to enable or disable the status bar (and its IRQ) on a per-level basis, by setting a flag. This means that you can remove the status bar only in certain levels to use things like fullscreen layer 3 BGs or certain HDMA effects that normally don't work well with it. Make sure to check the info in the asm file before patching it.
Tags: irq lorom sa-1 status bar
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
Download 1.25 KiB | 348 downloads


Comments (4)

Anas Link
Please note that contrary to what the patch says about M7 tilemaps being invisible, the M7 tilemaps will be completely unaffected, as will the whole arena itself. I tested this with all the M7 boss level modes except Bowser's obviously, as the status bar is already disabled there.
 Ayami Link
easily one of the best patches ever created
MarkAlarm Link
Moderated with:
- Lunar Magic 3.31
- Asar 1.81
- SA-1 Pack 1.40 (also tested without)
- Snes9x v1.60, bsnes-plus v05

Options worked as intended, definitely useful for collabs in which levels may or may not want this on for visibility sake. Included an extra file to be inserted with uberasmtool which toggles the status bar flag. The code is based off the comments in the patch, but I figured it would be useful for people that don't wanna copy/paste.
SimFan96 Link
Thank you for this patch! It's awesome to have the choice to disable the status bar on a per level basis, especially due to layer 3 backgrounds.

I have a question, is it compatible with the Inline Layer 3 Messages patch? I can't seem to get the messages to appear when the status bar is disabled although I may be doing something wrong on my end. Just curious, thank you!

Edit: I was being dumb and didn't read the readme for the other patch. Excellent work on this!