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Ganbare Goemon 4 - Foresce Castle (Outside)

SMW Graphics → Ganbare Goemon 4 - Foresce Castle (Outside)

Submission Details

Name: Ganbare Goemon 4 - Foresce Castle (Outside)
Author: Bonobi
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background, Layer 3
Slots Used: BG1, LG4
Palette Row(s) Used: 0, 1, 3
Description: An glommy Dark Forest seeing on the Outdoor Area of Foresce Castle from Ganbare Goemon 4. It uses Palette 0 (for the Layer 3), Palette 1 and Palette 3. Since that the Layer 3 Background is Big, it can be cut by the Status Bar, so if you use it, I suggest using either Sprite Status Bars (like Sprite Status Bar, NSMBWii Status Bar or DKCR Status Bar), Minimalist Status Bars or Remove Status Bar.

Requested by Anorakun.
Tags: dark forest haunted patch needed
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