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Boogie Wonderland

Super Mario World Hacks → Boogie Wonderland

Submission Details

Name: Boogie Wonderland
Author: BabaYegha
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Dear Kaizoholics!

I want to introduce my first project: Boogie Wonderland!

A Land with challenging levels, secrets, custom music, probably salty but rewarding moments and unique bosses.

You will mostly be facing tight platforming levels, instead of item abuse tricks.

This game features trolls, so keep that in mind.

I don't know how should I say thanks to KevinM, Abdu, dogemaster500, Mega_Scott, dtothefourth and MM102 for all their efforts, patience to make my dream true. Without them this game wouldn't exist at all... Thank you.

I hope you will enjoy my game, good luck, have fun.



Game had a general refactor in aesthetics and also on design side, make it more viable and fun.

Main goal with this update to eliminate all the mistakes I've done, but not losing its charm.
Tags: asm bosses coop gimmick hdma less exgfx music secrets tradicional
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
5.0 (16 ratings)
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Comments (22)

kurtistrydiz Link
This was such good stuff, and beside from a good challenge, theres just so much atmosphere,
i even had goosebumps at the last runup before final boss
, thanks for making(:
bonjoursauce Link
Yet another homerun from Baba. Top quality hack with so many insanely good levels and setups and takes on classic tropes and whatever... you name it, it's in there and chances are that it looks better in here than anywhere else. That last castle is sooooo good. From start to finish, this hack has been oustandingly marvelous. I'm glad I waited "that long" before I played it because hard hack is hard. 5/5
timeisart Link
All I can say is just WOW, what a masterpiece! This is definitely in my top 10 favorite hacks so far. Absolutely beautiful aesthetics, challenging but FUN gameplay, killer music, hard but fair final boss... just about as perfect as you can get.

Looking forward to checking out Waterworld now, since BabaYegha has proven to be a master creator with this hack.
Gurggz Link
Baba barbWatch Thanks for creating an amazing experience. Loved every minute of it. Keep it up dude!
mmBeefStew Link
This hack is amazing, the attention to detail throughout is crazy and it is really fun to play all the way through. I highly recommend if you're looking for a challenge. Thanks for making this, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 5/5
GrenudoGames Link
i loved every detail on this amazing hack, really awesome work! 10/10
ZX497 Link
Fairly challenging, very awesome hack. Classic-feeling platforming with some sprinkles of chocolate, visually incredible.

Highly recommended.
skyekun Link
I like and am glad to be part of the trend of Luigi being the mc in kaizo, even more when it's all stars and not Green Mario
PlagueofDoom Link
I think this is going to be one of my favorite hacks, I played through 1.0 and loved pretty much all of it. Can't wait to play through the 2.0 changes. Great work Baba!
PlagueofDoom From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
Absolutely love this hack, super hard but fair sections once you get into the rhythm. Aesthetics are the best I've seen out of any hack yet. I've beaten all but the cape level and level or 2 after that.

A bit to reliant on escorting throw blocks through tight situations, not bad but can be quite frustrating with how jank those things are. The cape level after the first section feels way out of place in terms of difficulty. I'm by no means a cape expert at all but the 2nd section of that level feels impossible to me despite knowing what to do. Probably could use some tweaks if there is an update

That being said definitely in my top 5 favorite hacks!

7 up From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
"Dance boogie wonderlaaaaand!"
bravetoaster From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
Such a great hack! Thanks for all the work you put into this.
derv82 From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
I love this hack. As others have said, it’s tight platforming, but not so unforgiving that it is frustrating. I had fun. I felt accomplished after beating the hack. Haven’t felt this good completing a hack since Akogare 1.0.

Small details make the hack feel polished and on another level from most hacks. For example, when going for a secret exit, the creator left a pipe to return to the main level in case you don’t want to grind the secret exit (so you don’t get locked there). Little quality-of-life decisions like this made my experience with the hack enjoyable.

Congrats on a great game and I look forward to what else you may drop on us in the future. #smw{<3}
Odyssey K. From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
The kind of hacks that make you boogie! *plays the grubhub delivery dance song*
ChrizStylez From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
Looking for a good challange? I guess you found it. This Hack was a joy to play. The Difficulty and the lengh of each Level fits very good and dont let the player get frustrated - Good Work #smw{:peace:}
orka-bln From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
Don´t expect an easy hack, but a great one!
dativ From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
Cool hack!#smrpg{y}
ThirdWall From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
This hack is extremely difficult and very creative. While I found some sections overly tight and unforgiving, this is definitely a hack I would recommend highly to anyone seeking a challenge. Excellent work BabaYegha
SJandCharlieTheCat From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
One of the major highlights of 2020. This is one of the best-looking kaizo hacks in a while; and while some people have found a few sections a little unforgiving in terms of difficulty or readability, I think overall the gameplay has been carefully crafted, and offers a number of creative ideas and setups.

An extremely impressive debut hack, and very impressive in general.
Abdu From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
SteamyPanini From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link
This is a real gem so far. Really liking it! #smw{:TUP:}

EDIT: Finished this now. I stand by my first impressions!
Good job! 5/5
dogemaster From older version: Boogie Wonderland Link