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LiveSplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES v1.0.2

Tools → LiveSplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES v1.0.2

Submission Details

Name: LiveSplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES v1.0.2
Author: NecroSky90
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: Livesplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES

A livesplit component for splitting various kaizo romhacks automatically via USB2SNES, based on the work of tewtal and Skarsnik
Check out their work here:

What do you need?
• LiveSplit
• QUsb2Snes (You can get the latest version here)
• One of the supported devices
• One of the supported hacks
• Splits for this hack

Supported devices

• Fxpak Pro (Install firmware based on these instructions:
• SNES Classic (See installation guide here)


• Copy "LiveSplit.USB2SNESSplitter.dll" to your LiveSplit-folder "LiveSplit/Components"
• In Livesplit -> Edit Layout…
• Add -> Control -> USB2SNES Auto Splitter
• Connect your device via USB with your computer and start QUsb2Snes
• Layout Settings (lower left corner) -> choose tab 'USB2SNES Auto Splitter'
• Click 'Autodetect' next to Device to find your device (if it is not detected, make sure the correct firmware is installed, connection is working and QUsb2Snes is running)
• Config file: Choose the config file corresponding to the hack. A config file works for all categories of a romhack.
• Set correct exits for your splits. Default settings for hacks are level names (followed by (S) for secret exits). Settings can be changed in the config file or
through the drop-down menus next to your splits in Layout Settings
• Attention: For a hack to be recognized correctly, the correct Game Name has to be set in LiveSplit (Best done with Autocomplete in 'Edit Splits...')

Supported Hacks

LiveSplit.Kaizo does not work on all hacks and has to be adjusted individually for other hacks. By now these hacks work without issues:

Akogare 2
Baby Kaizo World
Climb The Tower
El Dorado
Grand Poo World 2
Quickie World
Quickie World 2

If you wish for a specific hack, let me know and I'll have a look on implementing it.

I'm always happy to hear about critic and suggestions to improving this tool!

- Casio Mario World
- Orcus
have been added to the list of supported hacks


- Boogie Wonderland
- Dreams
- Joy of Kaizo
- Polyphony
- Silencio
- Super Joe Bros. 2
- Super Swunsh World 2

have been added to the list of supported hacks
Tags: livesplit smw speedrun
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Comments (5)

chsbrgr Link
Hi Again, I'm not sure if you're still active, but I wanted to provide a live workspace to develop and add more configurations. I've started a GIT repository with these, plus the files I've created/edited.
newgasm Link
Love this tool! Never forget to hit split or split late/early again! Since I now won't run anything without this tool, I started exploring the creation of more .json files for hacks not yet supported. Hope the database can be expanded and this becomes the norm for speedrunning in the future. Thank you for making this tool available to the community.
chsbrgr Link
Thanks for your hard work. I've been poking at it a bit myself for newer games out there and was wondering how you might like to receive more for adding to the collection? Currently I've made Cute Kaizo World and Road to New Haven
GrumpyWalrus From older version: LiveSplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES v1.0.1 Link
Oh this is cool. Very nice!
Griswold_Alpensturm From older version: LiveSplit.Kaizo.USB2SNES v1.0.1 Link
Works perfectly on the SNES classic mini #smw{:TUP:}