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Details for Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3
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This file contains content (such as flashing imagery) that may be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions. Discretion is advised.
File Name: Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3
Version History: View
Authors: KaidenThelens
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 94 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: The 3rd (and final) game in the Super Mario Adventure series! (V2.0)

Story: After the events of Super Mario Adventure 2, Mario and Luigi return home after getting some delicious cake from Princess Peach's castle. They have just moved into a new house so Mario starts unpacking, Luigi starts reading a newspaper. Luigi sees a scam ad in the newspaper telling them how they can “get rich quick.” Mario heads out to see if this scam is real or not.

On his way there, he trips and falls into a deep Cavern and stumbles upon a magical gem, 1 of 12 Gems of Good Game Design. Almost immediately after picking up the gem Mario is sent to Glitch World, and is told by a mysterious figure that he must collect the scattered gems before it’s too late, or else everyone, and everything will become a glitchy mess and the cartridge will get fried.

An adventure awaits! Have fun, don't die!
Tags: asm, bosses, epilepsy warning, less exgfx, music, variety
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 9)
Download: Download - 1.88 MiB
Brener Saraiva
Jogo muito bom porém no meu deu alguns bugs. ( o personagem ficava invisível as vezes).

A historia que criou foi muito boa. sistema de pular na parede também.

Deveria ter 2 jogadores, eu sempre jogo com minha esposa, e isso impossibilita de jogar com ela.
Posted by: Brener Saraiva - | Link
Retro Master HD
Finally completed this Hack as well, now that makes all 3 of your SMW Rom Hacks I’ve completed. Really enjoyed playing this entire Hack, the 8-Bit levels were my most favourite levels of all, the music choice was great as well including the Bonus theme tune from Sonic 3D Blast that was my favourite one in the Hack, quite a few challenges here and there including the Man Slaughter level where the red saw follows you so I sped ran it and got the level over and done with quick. I can honestly say this was definitely one of your best SMW Rom Hacks, definitely giving this a 10/10 and a 5 star rating. #tb{:DD}#tb{:D}#tb{:]}#smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
What a wonderful series final, with very polished graphics, especially that innovative up-down scrolling background clouds used in "Platform Panic" =] ! This hack can definitely be a candidate for being featured, clearly one of the best SMW hacks I've ever played !


Many firsts for me here :

- Playable intro : what a great surprise, that rocks ! And the following scene, alternating between cutscenes and actual play, is very enjoyable =] and the same gimmick appears after beating castle #4 boss !

- Yellow and blue fence Koopas, keeping their properties (yellow = way faster), same for those colored Rexes, and there are even disco ones !

- Winged saws

- Big Moles and Swoopers

- Golden Thwomps immune to Marine Pop's bullets !

- Eeries and Bumpties can now be defeated with blue ice blocks/shells !

- Fire snakes being beatable by yellow Yoshi stomp !

- Red unsteppable Ninjis

- Hammer Mario, who can destroy red ? blocks with his hammer ! There is also a "rampage", time limited, hammer !

- Moving springboard-like bubbles

- Up-down scrolling background clouds

- Saw-made of stretch platforms, very well made !

- The mirage-blurring background effect in "Doilus Stage #4" is wonderful =]

- Entering SM64 paintings in castles to get into the actual level =]

- Magikoopa's spells popping poisonous mushrooms and other items such as springboards !

- Flying winged super stars in "RTX on. Doilus 3!" level. And what a funny gimmick for that level, was laughing of lot =]

- Chocolate ghost enemies in "Mondo Ghost House" are cleverly designed and this level is quite a challenge !

- If you bring an item until a SMB3-style finish point, you will still get the bonus from the item, as if you had hit a giant gate's tape.

- That world 7 level whose gimmick is having you spin jump on a Eerie who follows your very steps, which brings a nice, controlled difficulty and a very fun gameplay !

- If you go straight up when entering the second room of "Castle of Big Boo", you will enter a secret pipe leading to an alternate version of the Big Boo boss... where you will control SM64 Wing Cap Mario ! That's a very fun gimmick and a cool boss fight =] Beating this alternate boss will bring you to the same normal exit though

- SM64 Wing Cap Mario indeed, made out of Yoshi wings. It is a great idea and the level using that gimmick, "Goonies Flyway", is very fun ! However and about the music, how about putting some remix of SM64 Wing Cap theme or maybe... "THE STAR SONG" ? ^^

- Those spinning propeller machines, acting like NSMB Propeller Mario, what a great level design! Both parts of the level containing them are big fun =]

- That "Spukhaus" level... how insane ! I'm usually not into puzzle stuff but this one was brilliantly executed and very enjoyable to play... and that secret exit plot idea is stunning, congrats =]

- Different music themes on the overworld, depending from you entry point

- Dancing Marios on world 11's overworld, how cute and funny ^^ and those Marios just become Luigis once autumn season has been unlocked (notice that in the meantime the Luigi sprite on world 4's overworld swaps with Mario's one !)

- "!" warning indicator appearing when you are swimming in icy waters, warning you of an imminent hit if you don't quickly get out of it

- Level "Cosmic 3D Blast 5" has a very unique 3D gameplay, very cleverly designed and fun !

Other good stuff I loved :

- Those new Mario ducking and wall sliding sprites ! Fast overworld walking and the reserve box item following you when falling are very neat additions =]

- That "Somari" level brought so many good ol' vibes... thanks you =]

- The retry prompt isn't present anymore but you can press Start+Select in order to leave a stage even in you haven't beaten it yet, that's
appreciated (even though it tends to make the game somewhat easier).

- That second midway point in Castle #9 (an invisible one saving just before boss) is very appreciated considering the difficulty of that level =]

- The flipping-fence gimmick used in "SuperStu's Fort" is well-though and very fun to play ! There's a well hidden secret exit here though, which I had difficulty to find (only after beating the whole game and seeing only had found 92 of the 94 exits)

- The custom ending sequence is really awesome, with wonderful graphics and some unique stuff (for instance those flying boxes having item popped out). Really great and polished work !

- The plot twist in world 10's castle is so unexpected and funny =]

- We can clearly see that a lot of effort has been brought in World 11's design too : levels are wonderfully polished and each level has its own design based on the corresponding previous world's (11-1=world 1, 11-2=world 2 and so on)

- "Manslaughter" is a very funny level, albeit being quite hard =]

- "ON and OFF again" is a cleverly designed soft puzzle, even using double locks for keys, very enjoying =]

A few remarks :

- Airspin isn't available when playing intro.

- During that intro, a blue Yoshi popped from a block. Is this part of the "unlocking Yoshis" gimmick or is this a bug, should a blue Yoshi egg had to be encountered first ? Or maybe because this stage is in fact "Doilus Stage #5", where a blue Yoshi egg can be found ?

On this point, when unlocking the first colored Yoshi, a red one in "Matthew's Moles", a message box tells the player that they have now unlocked red Yoshis and that they will, from now on, pop from ? blocks containing a Yoshi provided the player hit that block when being in Fire Flower state. I tried this in another level and it seems that a red Yoshi pops when hitting the block in every "big" Mario state (Super, Fire and Cape), and a green one pops only when player is in small Mario state. Is it a glitch then ? Indeed, the message box seems to clearly tell the player that they will pop a red Yoshi only when block is hit while in Fire Flower state.

As for blue "!" blocks, a green Yoshi pops from them when hit while being small Mario and a blue one when being Cape Mario. I haven't tried other ones though. Should this be happening : small Mario -> green, Super Mario -> yellow, Fire Mario -> red, Cape Mario -> blue ?

- The door sprite in "Yoshi's Review Hut" mismatches its actual entry point : nothing happens when pressing up while staying straight in front of the door, you need to go a little to the left/right in order to activate it.

- The HUD still quite vanishes in cave levels and you still get points when stomping on enemies or from the giant gate although there is no point counter. In the HUD we can see a star counter but it doesn't seem to serve any purpose then ?

- The last Dragon Coin in "Yoki's skies" seems to disappear sometimes (didn't get it first try). Maybe a position issue ?

- Some bosses don't drop their orb when defeated (or you actually don't collect it thereafter), hence you cannot keep track of which color has
been assigned to the gem of that world.

- Near the end of the first part of "Oh God, I'm dizzy", a propeller machine to the far right explodes after being used (which seems to be the gimmick used in the second part of the stage), which can be problematic if you fall down thereafter and dont have cape. Maybe an oversight ?

- First two Doilus secret stages aren't re-enterable after beating beaten, while the others are. Is this done on purpose ?

- Red Ninjis turn into classic black ones when defeated

- The red ? blocks, which are designed to be destroyed thanks to a hammer, can also be destroyed by cape

- The level "Ballon ride 2.5" offers a huge spike in difficulty, quite requiring the cape to be completed.

- How the plot twist is able to be done with only 11 gems in action ? Indeed, at that point you've got a blue one pre-game (given to "him") plus one for worlds 1-9, plus one for Bowser. So in total Mario is holding 9 (we show them falling on screen) and "him" must now be holding 2 (Bowser's one and the blue orb you gave him at the beginning). Seems like all 12 gems are necessary for doing this trick, isn't it ?

Also, the "Thanks for playing" screen after beating world 10 shows the 12 gems on their recipients, although you still only hold 10/11 at that
point. Am I missing a gem somewhere in plot ? Maybe the game was originally planned to contain only 10 gems in total ? That would better explain the plot twist though

During the following world 11, we can collect one gem again (in level 11-1 (green)), but there isn't some storytelling about why we are doing
this... Indeed, by now all gems should quietly be lasting on their recipients.

- World 11's "Cosmic House" only offers mushrooms... at this point of the game and considering the difficulty there, fire flower/capes would have been quite appreciated ^^

- When flying with a blue Yoshi in "Cherries and Boos", a glitch occurs when reaching the Giant Gate of that level : somehow the shell that Yoshi has in its mouth is swapped with a key and the goaltape disappeares... maybe the goaltape is put in Yoshi's mouth, becoming a key when spitted out ? Anyways, backtracking a bit in the level and coming again to the Giant Gate makes the goaltape reappear and hence the level is still beatable

- There's a graphical glitch on the overworld after beating world 11's castle : if the path going north to the star draws properly, a southern
one, untakable and reaching world 11's post, also draws. Restarting the game fixes this

- I could find only 4 Dragon Coins in :
-- "Chunk Yunk" (W2)
-- "Oh God, I'm dizzy" (W5)
-- "What is a Skike? " (W6)
-- "Spukhaus" (W6)
-- "Hammer Time!!" (W10)
-- "Cosmic 3D Blast 5" (W11) (might have missed one or two behind some 3D stuff though)

- I could find only 3 Dragon Coins in :
-- "Katie's Candies" (W6)

- I could find only 1 Dragon Coin in :
-- "Downtown Rexville" (W2)
-- "Cosmic Swaggers" (W11)
-- "Cherries and Boos" (W11)

10/10 (5 stars) This clearly is a masterpiece, with a lot of personal investment. That's what is called true love for the game... Huge congrats ! Thank you very much =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
OMG i really like it :)
Posted by: Vellax_Uchiha - | Link
Originally posted by Mohamad20ZX
it's 1.0 fix it please

Posted by: KaidenThelens - | Link
it's 1.0 fix it please
Posted by: Mohamad20ZX - | Link
The Lucifer of Gaming
This says version 2.0 on the site but it's really 1.2 for the game, and iirc i think it was this hack anyway about it saying if you exit out a level that you haven't completed yet it'd cost a life, i did it with 8 lives, afterwards still had the same amount of lives. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO SEE THE STATUS BAR IN THE CAVE LEVELS! I can't see the damn bar due to the fade graphics!
Posted by: The Lucifer of Gaming - | Link
Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo
Hmmmmm, unfortunately, the game crashes right when the pop-up message shows...

Try resetting or playing on SNES9x.
Posted by: KaidenThelens - | Link
Blizzard Buffalo
Hmmmmm, unfortunately, the game crashes right when the pop-up message shows...
Posted by: Blizzard Buffalo - | Link
Is there really a V2.0? The download is the 1.2 version.
Posted by: jobvd - | Link
Hooded Edge
Gotta say. This has to be one of the best standard hacks I've played in some time. The level design is great, the presentation is gorgeous, and it feels properly lengthened. I found it to be very comforting to stream and just nice to gush over during that time. This hack found new ways to keep me excited with every passing stage, and while not all of them hit the mark... 95% of them did!!! I haven't got to 100% the hack yet (will definitely do so given how much I enjoyed it). Can't wait to see more stuff from Kaiden.

I can totally recommend this to anybody who wants a really fun and comfortable experience, 'cuz this game does that and more!!!
Posted by:  Hooded Edge - | Link
Originally posted by Mohamad20ZX

I had to fix some stuff.
Posted by: KaidenThelens - | Link
Posted by: Mohamad20ZX - | Link

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