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Details for Luminescent
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File Name: Luminescent
Authors: TheBourgyman
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: A moderately hard hack.

"Mario retreats to the Chroma Isles, in hope of spending some time off. But strange, deadly blocks start falling from the sky and littering the landscape. He embarks on a quest throughout the archipelago to find out what is the cause of all this."

Luminescent is meant to be a fun challenge for the kaizo enthusiast who seeks to delve into tougher territory, while still being firmly intermediate in nature. It is ASM heavy, and features a plethora of custom stuff while keeping the familiar aesthetics and playability of the original game.

This hack features:

- Fast travel and retry
- A linear path with no secret exits
- A save system that keeps checkpoints and collectibles
- Light trolling, but no cheap tricks such as hidden blocks
- Two endings (Any% and 100%)
- Lots of ASM trickery.

Thanks to Chondontore, Ezel, FerpyMcFrosting, Halscion, Mithrillionaire and Om_nomnom_nomnom for their assistance in making sure this hack is the best it can be.



- Speedrun mode added
- Minor fixes such as loosening some sections, making some colours more contrasting, or improving setups
- Fixed a potentially game-crashing bug in the last level

See the text file in the archive for more details.
Tags: asm, bosses, chocolate, gimmick, hdma, intermediate, less efgfx, lore, multiple endings, music, secrets, story
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 12)
Download: Download - 1.61 MiB
Simply brilliant
Posted by: jvg - | Link
While there were a few levels that frustrated me (Snake block level, "everything is stuck in a wall" level,) by the time I finished this there was no question that this is one of the best romhacks I've ever played. Thank you for taking what I can only imagine was an ungodly number of hours creating this beautiful and unique hack. Incredible job!
Posted by: 3dsalmon - | Link
Getting to playtest a hack this good was a great honor and a very fun time. It's truly one of the most creative, polished, and gorgeous hacks out there. Thanks for all your hard work on such a wonderful work of art!
Posted by: Mithrillionaire - | Link
Phenomenal hack. A lot has already been said, but one thing I haven't seen pointed out is how the creator makes tricks that appear to be really hard actually quite consistent, and does this without making the section feel automatic. The Yoshi berry eating level would be frustrating if designed by a lesser creator, because the player would constantly miss tonguing the blue shell or eating the berries. But Bourgyman sets it up perfectly so that it's consistent once you figure it out. Awesome job!
Posted by: Kimota - | Link
There are few hacks that are instant classics when you play them.
This is one of them, the hard work put into creating this hack is very noticeable, this was absolutely fun to play. Great work

PS: My only regret was not asking you about playtesting it on the smw support discord, I would have played it earlier :(
Posted by: GenMaruo - | Link
Final Theory
I like the Yoshi coins being turned into SNES controllers. That is brilliant!
Posted by: Final Theory - | Link
Originally posted by TheBourgyman
Originally posted by Steinthor
This is such an incredible hack. I need to know though; Is the music for the level "Everwall Corridor" from the NES game FireHawk? I'd love to see a tracklist for this game because these are all amazing.

It's from Rise of the Robots. The whole soundtrack can be found here!

Ah I see! Had I only watched the finale of GPB's series! You're awesome for all of this, thank you!!!!
Posted by: Steinthor - | Link
TheBourgyman...Thank you for making this. It was by far one of the coolest kaizo hacks I have ever played. To see all the love and care that was put into this, deserves it's own level of praise. Amazing work! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: B2De - | Link
Without a doubt, one of the best hacks I've ever played, it has great music, great gameplay, the levels are beautiful, everything is perfect. Congratulations to the creators, it was incredible.
Posted by: AllexGG - | Link
Originally posted by Steinthor
This is such an incredible hack. I need to know though; Is the music for the level "Everwall Corridor" from the NES game FireHawk? I'd love to see a tracklist for this game because these are all amazing.

It's from Rise of the Robots. The whole soundtrack can be found here!

Posted by: TheBourgyman - | Link
This is such an incredible hack. I need to know though; Is the music for the level "Everwall Corridor" from the NES game FireHawk?

I'd love to see a tracklist for this game because these are all amazing.
Posted by: Steinthor - | Link
There's so much creativity on display here, in terms of ideas and setups — a real breath of fresh air in an age of extreme kaizo oversaturation.

Easily one of the top hacks of 2021; and really, one of the standout hacks of the last 3 or 4 years.
Posted by: SJandCharlieTheCat - | Link
During the castle destruction cutscene, the speech bubble's symbols look like tetris blocks
Posted by: HammerBrother - | Link
WOW what an awesome hack this was. Every single idea is extremely creative and its own unique challenge. While there may have been a couple of parts here and there that weren't my favorite, I still enjoyed the ride regardless. It's definitely clear that a lot of hard work went into this and this inspires me to make a hack myself someday. Thanks for such a fun hack!
Posted by: bhenry18 - | Link
Amazing hack, has a very unique feel to it when it comes to level design and the visuals. A few sections were a bit annoying, I guess most notably a Chuck-climb section with yoshi that I thought was needlessly tight, getting hit there felt very unsatisfying (EDIT: there's a way to make it consistent by neutraling the d-pad, I did not realise that. Dunno if level could've somehow taught it to me).

The gimmicks the hack utilises are very well realised and tons of mileage are squeezed out of each of them. Unlike a lot of others, I actually really liked the coin snake section too, lol.

Just superb. Essential kaizo for Intermediate+ players.
Posted by: ZX497 - | Link
One Word = AMAZING !!!! GOD JOB!
Posted by: LuhLSG - | Link
This hack is a masterpiece. YOU rule! #smw{:peace:}
Posted by: SteamyPanini - | Link
This hack was incredibly fun to test, it quickly made it in as one of my favorite all-time kaizo hacks, even playing a pre-release version. It is definitely challenging, definitely on the higher end of intermediate, and has chocolate throughout.
It is clear that Bourgy is an artist, the hack is stunningly gorgeous from beginning to end. If you got a few intermediate hacks under your belt, or are looking for a good challenge to boost your skills, I think you will have fun with this hack.
Posted by: om_nomnom - | Link
This hack has a fair amount of chocolate, but I found that it was most memorable during sections with fresh takes on vanilla gimmicks. Unique and original level design throughout, not to mention some outstanding visual and theming choices. Would definitely recommend to players with a few intermediate hacks under their belt. Great work Bourgy. I guess you could consider this a... glowing review #wario{;)}
Posted by: Jazzman287 - | Link
Extremely creative and well made. Definitely a must play for those who enjoy a refreshing challenge.
Posted by: OnlySpaghettiCode - | Link
This hack was one of the most fun playtests I've done in a while. Lots of unique twists on already existing concepts, and it even had tricks I haven't seen used in other kaizo hacks before. High recommendation.

Some of the levels are not too bad, some can be quite challenging. When I played it, the difficulty sat somewhere in the mid-upper intermediate range. If you don't mind a challenge, but you don't necessarily want to be stuck on a level for hours, I think this hack is worth a shot.
Posted by: Ezel - | Link

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