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Fire Spitting Big Boo Boss

SMW Sprites → Fire Spitting Big Boo Boss

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JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.31
• SA-1 Pack v1.40
• PIXI v1.32
• Snes9x v1.60
• bsnes v115

Works as intended, so, accepted. I recommend using NMSTL if using this sprite on LoROM, as other sprite tiles (including Mario) have a tendency to disappear otherwise.

Tweaked the description at the top of the .asm file, which was mistakenly the description of the Small Boo Boss.
HammerBrother Link
Have the More Extended Sprites patch and this boss spawns lots of these and you'll have a bullet hell boss avoiding the pitfalls of overused Big boo boss on most hacks.
olivebates Link
Thank you for making this :)

How can I remove the fireball spit sound?
 mason Link
To remove the fireball spit sound, you can comment out/delete lines 451 and 452:

LDA #$06
STA $1DFC|!addr
HammerBrother Link
That, combined with this would definutely makes it a cool vanilla-ish boss fight.