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At Least The Music's Good

Super Mario World Hacks → At Least The Music's Good

Submission Details

Name: At Least The Music's Good
Author: Worl
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to My 3rd Hack: “At Least The Music’s Good”

At Least The Music’s Good is Semi Gimmick Hack. You play as Tails and you can’t spin jump, but this isn’t a joke hack. I wanted to approach some enemies in new ways from the perspective of not being able to spin jump. At Least The Music’s Good is Intermediate Difficulty.

This Hack Features:
- Some Shell Jumps
- Some Chocolate
- Some Yoshi Fun
- Instant Retry System
- Fantastic Soundtrack
- Very Little Trolls


Good luck, and enjoy!
- Complete rework of level 2 from “In the Jungle” to “Dune”
- Nerfed 2 jumps (one on “Miles’ Mission” and one on “Beach Day”
- New Final Boss
Tags: gimmick music
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
5.0 (2 ratings)
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Comments (7)

schema_tuna Link
This was a fun chill time! Cool ideas and theming, thanks for making.
Worl Author Link
Hey BearVsBrian, Thank for playing. I'm glad to see you're still playing hacks.

When you land on yoshi you need to jump off of him right away (normally 2x). then when you land back on him the bubble should be under you and you can land on the bubble with yoshi and continue onward.
kidmoyer Link
Having tons of fun so far. Small issue though,
I can't for the life of me figure out the second part of the bubble level with the yoshi. When I just on the yoshi the yellow bubble never makes it in time.
BearVsBrian Link
No spin jumps?! You crazy for this one Worl!
It was a lot of fun - thanks for making it!
Bubble level was super fun!
Mario checks virus From older version: At Least The Music's Good Link
NaxciS From older version: At Least The Music's Good Link
Great hack, with great levels and a very good gameplay, and no doubt, with very good songs xD
PastaNoSauce From older version: At Least The Music's Good Link
On the easy side of intermediate. The normal-jump only restriction made for some unique setups, and was a quick bit of fun.

I cheesed the final boss by mashing jump to get a big enough jump to hit the reznor, I think I saw what it wanted me to do - but I didn't do it :(