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Super Mario World Hacks → Dreams

Submission Details

Name: Dreams
Author: Panicdream1
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to my first Kaizo-Hack.
Difficulty: beginner/intermediate
15 Exits
Its a nice little challenge for those who already beaten 1 or 2 Kaizo Hacks before.

Costum Graphics

Check it out and have fun :)
Tags: easy exgfx kaizo music plattforming
Comments: 26 (jump to comments)
5.0 (19 ratings)
No rating
Download 694.63 KiB | 2,133 downloads


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Comments (26)

MellowYouth Link
very impressive, and a perfect step up from some of the beginner hacks.
the graphic choices, the music, and the flow of the levels just feels niiice.

imo, this difficulty is a great mix of being impressive to a casual person watching, and challenging enough for a seasoned player to have fun with #smw{:TUP:}
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
PerpetualSnow53 Link
had a lot of fun with this hack 5/5
Kaiz0bro Link
This hack was awesome! Definitely worth playing and perfect for the player who is between beginner/intermediate. A lot of great ideas and cool setups, some harder than others. My only gripes are the floating leaves (not a huge fan) and the fact there were only checkpoints every 2 rooms in the final castle. But overall a great hack and I'm looking forward to the creator's next one!
kurb kid Link
some very nice levels in here. Some just ok.
I think you did a really good job using custom graphics for the levels. Reusing the same graphics for multiple levels was a good thing. It really sold the distinct cave theme and such.
iKPbot Link
LOVED this hack! Lots of variety. Challenging (I'm not a kaizo master or anything), yet not at all unfair, frustrating, or tedious. This is the first hack I've played with any "motor skills" sections. I was a bit nervous but it was fine! Job well done, Panicdream1. I look forward to your next hack!
GrumpyWalrus Link
Phenomenal hack. Absolutely loved everything about it. 5 stars, excellent work PanicDream1.
Kimota Link
Very fun easy hack that provides a great gateway into harder kaizos. My only complaint, and this is something I see in a lot of hacks, is that sometimes blocks and sprites that the player needs to notice have the same color as the background. For example, in the third level where everything is brown, or in the level where the wall jump blocks are green, same as the background and ground tiles. I understand creators want to have nice aesthetics, but imo visual clarity should be the #1 priority.
robbobert From older version: Dreams Link
Simply put, fantastic hack. Dreams made me feel like a complete beast -- it was right on the edge of my ability to blind read levels, which really got me engaged, and between that and the excellent flow and just-tight-enough design, every now and then I would absolutely pop off and go for a cruise through a level, much to my own amazement. Really incredibly fun. I just can't praise your work on this hack enough. Really well done!

Difficulty, I say, is a step above Quickie 2 and a step below BunBun 2, sort of low-intermediate tier difficulty. Great for folks looking to get into some tougher stuff like the Akogares.

Thanks for making this!
will___ From older version: Dreams Link
Great hack. The first few levels are pretty good, but then it really takes off about 4-5 exits in with very fun, fast-paced levels.

As for difficulty, this definitely rides the line between what people typically consider beginner and intermediate. It'd be a good step up for people who have beaten 2-4 hacks in the vein of Quickie World - both because of it's difficulty, and because it would serve as a good introduction to various common ASM mechanics.
Hiroki From older version: Dreams Link
nice work panicdream1 , i love the aestethics and the way you make the hack , a nice challenging platformer ! 5 stars bro
UFrozenO From older version: Dreams Link
Good hack
Sakaya From older version: Dreams Link
A really great hack. I had a lot of fun with it. Nice setups, well picked music. There is nothing bad to say about it.
callmedoor From older version: Dreams Link
Great hack. Difficulty is as described. Play a couple of kaizos first and this will be a treat. Good aesthetics and music throughout.

troyfullbuster From older version: Dreams Link
One of the best hacks I played all year and was super fun! Here's my playthrough:

Thanks for coming by the stream and following!
GarryJFehr From older version: Dreams Link
Wow! This is my favorite hack of the year so far. Perfect balance of difficulty vs fun. 10/10
Zeus1614 From older version: Dreams Link
This hack was dope! The last 3 levels including the castle were by far my favourite. Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next one!
Panicdream1 Author From older version: Dreams Link
You have to neutral your dpad :)
TheRestingBird From older version: Dreams Link
Thanks for making a very nice hack. It was perfect for my beginner/intermediate skills <3
Firox From older version: Dreams Link
Really loved playing :) pls do more
Panicdream1 Author From older version: Dreams Link
Thanks to everyone for the great feedback :) I am looking foreward to build a second Hack :)
neidoodle From older version: Dreams Link
You built some amazing setups! The whole hack has such a nice flow while being really beginner-friendly
Kinkerton From older version: Dreams Link
Great hack! had alot of fun with this one. Cant wait to see what you do next!
the_roxbury From older version: Dreams Link
Great hack with nice setups. Also a great hack for newer players.
GiraffeKiller From older version: Dreams Link
Lovely little hack. I'm enjoying it. The only thing I don't care for is that sometimes the color palettes give me a hard time. But, that might just be a "me" problem instead. Great work either way!
Phyll From older version: Dreams Link
very good hack. nice music and nice design.#w{=3}