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Trouble at Snow Land

Super Mario World Hacks → Trouble at Snow Land

Submission Details

Name: Trouble at Snow Land
Author: P1JDS
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Welcome to snow land!
But what is Shy Guy doing here?
How about taking a walk through this beautiful frozen land?
Help the little shy friend to get out of this coldelly!

This is my Christmas themed hack, containing 1 World and a special World.

I hope you have fun!

Credits in the game.

A Little Trailer:

(If you find any bugs, feel free to send me a message, if I can fix it, I will.)
Tags: enemy exgfx music non-mario shyguy
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Comments (2)

OhMuramatsu Link
Love this hack! Congrats JDS!
 BeeKaay Link
This was fun and more content than I expected in a 10-exit hack, what with the secrets and all. I bumped the difficulty to Standard: Hard since this was too difficult for Normal, particularly for 100%.

A minor complaint is that the foreground sometimes blends in with the background, and I couldn't always tell which foreground objects were solid and which were air without experimentation. If you update this, I'd consider desaturating the background and non-solid foreground objects to differentiate them more. Also, after beating the Koopa boss in the castle and watching the credits, I lost the two extra hearts I had collected so I had to get them again (they were useful for the Boom Boom). It would be cool if they persisted.