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Super Mario World Hacks → Things.smc

Submission Details

Name: Things.smc
Author: Sweetdude
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 80 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: --PLEASE READ--
This hack has MSU-1 capabilities (Enhanced Soundchip), If you want better music read the readme to set it up! (I swear it's a fast process), I HIGHLY recommend it!

All MSU-1 songs have been copyright checked on Youtube and Twitch at the time of upload!
This hack features:
- Too many levels
- Too many gimmicks
- Too many memes


Warning: This hack is extremely inspired by the lore and style of the VIP Mario World Series, if you do not like 2Chan or 2Chan culture, this may not be the hack for you!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx fun glitch glitch abuse long game meme multiple endings music non-mario not falling off is hard open world secret story vanilla
Comments: 23 (jump to comments)
5.0 (14 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (23)

 Pokemon Hacker Link
I miss the VIP series, what a way to continue the legacy
anonymousbl00dlust Link
5/5 stars. however, you used the sfw torpedo ted graphics. this is not only more """modern""" but also cuts out the character to which I most identified.

⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
 しー J   °。+ *´¨)
         .• ´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
          (¸.•´ (¸.•’* minus 10 points to gryffindor
kemo Link
I made an account here just to comment on this, honestly... this is beyond a "romhack", this is basically a game inside an smw, I am super new to kaizos so I use rewinding and save states yet I am having tons of fun just by the number of gimmicks and ideas put in every level. despite the art and every other aspect.

This hack blew my mind and i haven't even finished half of it...

9.99\10 (too hard so it's not affordable for all players "skill issue")

Look dude at this point, Start your own platformer game because I know it will be one of the best ever made.
ninj Link
This is honestly the best hack i've ever played. This is truly amazing. Keep up the good work #ab{:)}
810Munoz Link
Indication is top-notch. Jump where the coin says jump, spin where it says spin, throw where it says throw, etc., and you'll be okay.
Level Mechanics are explained/demonstrated in the very first screen i.e: sprites falling into sprite-killers & message boxes explaining important stuff. I feel like this approach should be adopted by more romhackers, as it helps mitigate some confusion while being bombarded with misc. custom sprites and chocolate.

The custom soundtrack for msu-1 was easy to set up and sounded way better than what I thought a SNES was capable of.

Testing this romhack was the most fun I've ever had playing video games. 5/5
BrandonBlank Link
Was worth the wait. Amazing game, dude.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I never got a chance to play VIP & WALL 6, so I'll play this instead
idealiter Link
Nobody should miss out on this really demanding hack that provides tons of fun. You nailed it, Sweetdude.
TomNook Link
I have been eagerly awaiting for this for a long time, so I am thrilled it lived up to all of my hype. Keep making these extremely cerebral unique hacks! Loved every second of it (well almost every second!). Also, I hope to see more creators take advantage of the msu-1 capabilities.
dogemaster Link
Simply one of the greatest feats in kaizo romhacking.
Klug Link
Now that the full hack is finally here!!! Congratulations, Sweetdude. You did a great job!
BabaYegha Link
I was extremely lucky to work with Sweetdude and all I can say: Thank you! :)

Highly recommend for everyone!!

My favorite hack of all time.
Magmatic Link
sweetdude is an epic man
gui Link
This hack is definitely something. Even though I didn't finish my testing (because I was fired) I still love this hack, and you can really feel that Sweetdude spent almost 3 years on it. A giant effort that resulted on an amazing hack.
Ignaris Link
10/10 hack, literally never seen anything better in my life. I wake up every day thinking about how the world is now a better place because this hack was created. I kneel down at my altar of Things to sacrifice to the great sweet gods, forever crying out of joy, for my life now has purpose. I must spread the great name of Sweetdude and his magnificent Things. Now come join me in worship.
losermanwins Link
Pretty much my favorite hack ever. Sweetdude did an amazing job!
Miets Link
This will surely go down in history of SMW hacking as one of the greats.

Good job SweetDude.
Kinkerton Link
ive been so excited for full release ever since you let me play the demo version last year. I cant wait to 100% this.
MarsAmpere Link
Christmas came early.
ZX497 Link
An amazing kaizo hack with tons of content and secrets to uncover. Difficulty of the hack scales nicely as you progress throughout it, don't be intimidated by the "Expert" -classification, there's plenty to do even for less-versed kaizo players.

Highly recommended for just about anybody!
 Anorakun Link
Although you all are so highly happy about Sweetdude's hack, please refrain from downvoting with 1.0 star ratings and making inside jokes or copypastas. People from outside of the site will just get confused and that gives the mods way more work than needed, since they won't know which commentaries are serious or not. So, from now on, if we see any snarky copypasta memey commentary, we will be warning without any fear. Please no more inside jokes, copypastas, memes or anything, okay? I've cleaned up this commentary page, as well.
 mason Link
Things.smc is an incredible hack. The amount of effort put in over the years has ultimately yielded one of the most cohesive and immersive romhacking experiences I’ve ever experienced. The levels are highly creative with smooth and interesting gameplay. I highly recommend this to any and everyone. While labeled as Kaizo: Expert, in my opinion this hack has a gentle difficulty curve from mid Kaizo: Medium into early Kaizo: Expert.
GiraffeKiller Link
Never thought I'd see the day. Congrats, dude! Can't wait to play.