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Super NemMeViu World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super NemMeViu World

Submission Details

Name: Super NemMeViu World
Authors: P1JDS, TheMURAmatsu
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: (EN) Super NemMeViu World is a hack created at the request of a friend named Cassio, in honor of streamer JP, whose same has a page called "NemMeViu Games". OhMuramatsu and P1JDS joined this adventure in creating this hack together. The hack has 23 levels with plenty of variety and fun. We hope you enjoy it!

Update 1.1: All changes are listed in the "Readme"

(PT-BR) Super NemMeViu World é uma hack criada a pedido de um amigo chamado Cassio, em homenagem ao streamer JP, cujo tem uma página chamada "NemMeViu Games". OhMuramatsu e P1JDS uniram-se nessa aventura em criar essa hack juntos. A hack possui 23 leveis com bastante variedades e diversão. Esperamos que curtam!

Update 1.1: Todas as mudanças estão listadas no "Leia-me"
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4.8 (5 ratings)
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Comments (6)

rafaelfutbal From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
Nice hack! 👍
Hiroki From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
what a great hack i give it 5/5 , but the difficult rise so high in the last worlds and men.. that final boss fight i found it very annoying...
thanks for the hack both of you!
Lotsaspaghetti From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
Really cool hack, nice use of gimmicks and good graphics (the koopas being dressed up as pirates in the beach level was a cool touch). I enjoyed it a lot ^^. Maybe that barrel level and the final boss-fight could have been executed a little bit better by making them less frustratingly difficult (or shorter for the first case), but they are just a small portion of the hack so it's fine.
NatsuFireball From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
A wonderful hack, with plenty of neat stuff, such as very colorful graphics, interesting puzzles and a unique overworld.

The retry system may seem a little bit "too much" for a non-Kaizo game, but it is still very appreciated as there are significantly harder parts (hello rocketbarrel !). Auto mid-way points (more than that, you basically restart where the last taken pipe lead you to, even if you exit then re-enter the level) and fast overworld walking are also very appreciated, and so is the preserving of collected Dragon (here JB) coins after a death =]

The reserve-box item following you when falling is really great !

I have a few remarks though :

- Similarly to the last Gamma-V game (Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands), which uses the same HUD, the star counter has no purpose (although still here because removing it causes some bugs). Maybe could you use it as a Dragon Coin completed levels counter, even with no special reward other than an indicator of 100% completion ? (don't know if it's possible though).

- When he the red switch palace is pressed, it is blue blocks that sprinkle on screen during the post-animation, instead of red ones. Maybe in relation to the change in Mario color palette ?

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]

Foxy_9000_ From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
I think this hack is very successful, it has surprising things for example the rocketbarrel level, the overworld system is unique and the palettes and the costume sprites are well chosen!
However, I find the level of difficuly a bit unbalanced between the first two worlds and the third world and the end boss is pretty unfair! 4/5 #smw{^_^}#smw{:TUP:}
qantuum From older version: Super NemMeViu World Link
I've enjoyed my play so far! The choice of enemies, graphics and musics was nice and cute as well as the colours.
I'm still stuck in this barrel level on the beach but I'll try it again! Well done.