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Krack's Kafe: Because They Kicked Me Out!

Super Mario World Hacks → Krack's Kafe: Because They Kicked Me Out!

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Krack's Kafe: Because They Kicked Me Out!. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Krack's Kafe: Because They Kicked Me Out!
Authors: Daizo Dee Von, EvilGuy0613, Faro, amhunter, scooter102089
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Beginner

TEAM AFORETIMES presents a spiritual successor to Krack The Hack, based on a formula found within Daizo Dee Von and Mellonpizza's "100 Rooms of Enemies", Stego's "Mario's Bizarre Adventure", and Lush_50's "Nightmare Cafe" series. Krack's Kafe plays like Krack The Hack where you collect 4 keys to progress to the next level, but now in a bite sized package filled with one-screened rooms. Almost everyone contributed levels for the game, with the exception of voice lines provided by scooter102089 (aka "Chaser the Ultimate Gamer").

15 years after Krack The Hack, Krack gets kicked out of a local bar in Noahna Village, and had to get dragged out by his brother Daizo. After being picked on, Krack is determined to get the funds to build his very own cafe! To do this, he must get his hands on pure gold keys in Jinker Bolts' latest attraction: the "Key Hole". It's a cave that features his deadliest creation: "GRAND ADMIRAL KRAWN", a robot that can project any environment at any place at any time. Little does Krack know, he's not alone...

Current version: v1.0.1. Mainly fixes a disappearing key, which only respawns after death.
Tags: asm beyond the worlds bosses custom character enemy hackjam hdma huge level less exgfx music single screen story variety
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Comments (6)

Dark Mario Bros Link
Just finished krack's kafe
It sure was fun to figure out how to get each key by each room.
But those go back blocks were annoying and funny at same time.
Played on real hardware, so no save stating at all #smrpg{:D}
 Alex Link
Team name removed, since all authors are already listed in the submission.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Getting some "100 rooms of enemies" vibes from here
Probably because DDV is part of the team
 Hooded Edge Link
5 guys got together, smoked some weed, and put out a banger single-room challenge hack that is the equivalent to the best kind of CBT.
balloonfox101 Link
smoke krack every day
 BeeKaay Link
Fun hack with a few frustrating sections ("Go Back" blocks...).

Added Kaizo: Beginner difficulty. While many rooms follow a design often found in Standard: Very Hard (e.g. having to avoid getting killed by a bunch of sprites), others are Kaizo (very tight, with one intended solution, and few sprites, all of which are necessary).

Some notes:

- I noticed some grammar errors in the lore, in case you wish to have it proofread. I volunteer if you want to send me a text file with it.
- I beat this in one sitting but you may want to include a mechanism for saving room progress for people who want to take a break.
- There's some cutoff.
- Consider indicating the horizontal position of the player when they're above the screen, which would notably help in this room.
- On multiple occasions, I was killed by spinjumping on two enemies at the same time, most prominently in this room. Consider using this patch to fix.
- This room appears to have a single intended solution but has a break. Instead of grabbing the throw block on the top left, which is quite hard to do, it's possible to just run through the Wild Ptooie Piranha with the I-frames from landing on the muncher.