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SMW Graphics → Overworld

Submission Details

Name: Overworld
Author: Pikerchu13
Type: Original
Purpose: Overworld
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: I honestly have no idea what on Earth to name this. I made this tileset for the Overworld contest we had a while ago and never really uploaded it because I forgot to. Well, this tileset has a lot of graphics in it, and they're essentially made to make the most out of your palettes, so go nuts with the colors.
Tags: desert grassland mushroom needs remoderation
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
Download 165.45 KiB | 1,715 downloads


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Comments (6)

GlitchyR-01 Link
These graphics look amazing! They are perfect for a NSMB styled hack
Desert Link
Originally posted by Synergic
The patch is corrupt or are my roms pretty much cursed to be unpatchable?
Is it a clean R.O.M.?
iDoodle7 Link
K, I love this and it deserves way more credit. I couldn't make something even half good and I can imagine the creator spending hours on these ExGFX and did a great job!
mish1 Link
The patch is corrupt or are my roms pretty much cursed to be unpatchable?
KDJewl Link
If I use these graphics in my own ROM, either re-numbered or using the same numbers as you (ExGFX 80, 81, etc), I can't get the FG3 to work properly...I use the same ExGFX file as your example, and all it does is screw up the main overworld tiles. If I switch it to ExGFX84, it loads the main tiles correct but then it doesn't change the castle/fortress/pipe/etc graphics...Can anyone help me get this to work? I'd much prefer to use this overworld than any other...
HammerBrother Link
One word: gorgeous, I live the grass textures.