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    Kirby Super Star - Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise

    SMW Music → Kirby Super Star - Crystal Field and Mystery Paradise

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     Kevin Link
    Found some missing optimizations, but nothing major so accepted. I'll list some examples just to be pedantic:
    - You don't need to use the $F5 command when using the default filter ($7F$00$00$00$00$00$00$00). Just using $01 in the $F5 command is enough.
    - The loops at lines 222 and 227 appear earlier in the same channel (198 and 202) so those can be replaced with a label loop as well. Also, these loops are just 4 notes repeated 4 times (f=11 c=11 a=11 c=11 and f=11 d=11 g=11 d=11), so you could make the loop smaller.
    - Same thing for the loop at 344 and 349 (can be reduced, actually the second one is 1 pair of note repeated 8 times), and the smaller patterns appear at 328 and 332 as well.
    - At 650 there's a 2 line pattern that repeats twice. Also that pattern appears later at 694 and 698.
    Brutapode89 Link
    Perfect port!#smrpg{y} And more, it was even one of musics I wanted request.
    HammerBrother Link
    Probably the first time this song was ported to SMW.