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Super Mario Bros. For Lost Players

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Bros. For Lost Players

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Bros. For Lost Players
Authors: Adam, Truxton, beasteye89, lolyoshi, rextep
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 36 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: v1.1

Falling asleep after a hard day's work, Mario finds himself in a dream with both familiar and foreign worlds merging and meshing into one another. Unable to wake up from this odd walk down memory-lane, he must continue advancing forward, wherever it may lead him.

This project was created over the span of a month for SMWC's 2021 Hackjam, as an homage to SMB1+SMB2j and various retro games. Enjoy this terrible experiment.
Tags: asm exgfx hackjam music traditional
Comments: 19 (jump to comments)
4.9 (14 ratings)
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Comments (19) Link
I really, really loved this. I hate SMB1 physics generally, and found it to be really janky mixed in with a lot of super mario world, but I got over it quickly and stopped thinking jumping on chargin' chucks was ever a good idea.

There were some adorable references in here that I loved and some really, really amazing gimmicks. I love how it slowly deviated far from all the mario games until it eventually was just like "eh, whatever here's an airplane, go fly it"

An absolutely wonderful hack that I had a ton of fun running through.
edballsjr. Link
this hack reminds me how heavy smb1 physics feel after getting used to smw.

i can't agree with the uploader's assessment of the hack being a "terrible experiment" because i had a lot of fun with this one. it's challenging, but not to the point of pulling your hair out. it's silly in all the right places (the toads saying dumb copypastas) and aesthetically nice.
tl;dr fun to play, funny to read, nice to look at, 5/5
TheBourgyman Link
Excellent hack, which does a good job at replicating the SMB1 physics, although it is not 100% accurate (I'd say like, 85% accurate). The difficulty curve is just right, and will pose a fun challenge, no matter how familiar you are with SMB1 and SMB2J.

It's also crazy to see how some of the classic SMW enemies suddenly become a significant challenge when faced with the changed physics (I'm looking at you, Chargin' Chucks).

A definite must-play!
mario and luigi Link
Fantastic hack! While the hack is styled similar to SMAS' version of SMB1, however, I did notice graphics and enemies from games such as
SMB2, SMB3, Yoshi's Island, Sonic, and other great titles.

It's an extremely difficult hack, but it does not escalate into Kaizo territory. The high difficulty in this hack is especially true if you haven't yet mastered SMB1's physics, particularly with running and jumping. The good news is that you have infinite lives, which might encourage some people to try to beat the game without savestates or rewinds.

Two of the hardest levels for me was 4-4 and 8-3. Seriously, that Lakitu in 4-4 will do whatever he can to kill Mario, and those Nipper plants from SMB3 in 8-3 were so much of a pain that I must have loaded a savestate/rewinded at least thirty times in this level. You're a better player than I am if you can beat these two levels without savestates or rewinds.

No overworld map exists in this hack and instead uses the level intros from SMAS upon the start of a level. This is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing hacks I've ever played, as everything blended together very well, including the music.
Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
music, which played in one of the ice levels later in the game, was an enjoyable theme to listen to.

the final boss
was quite unexpected. Fighting
Kabula from Kirby
was extremely difficult without savestates, but was overall a fun fight.

After you beat Normal Mode (haven't played Hard Mode yet so it might show up there too), you'll learn to
hold L+R as a game is starting to play as 8-Bit Mario, straight out of the NES!

If you enjoy difficult hacks and/or love SMAS, you'll definitely love Super Mario Bros. for Lost Players, and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy SNES and Genesis games.

#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal} stars out of 5! Great job! #smw{:TUP:}#smw{:peace:}
OfPixxiesAndRoses Link
It took me a hot minute to get the hang of SMB1 physics, but once I did this game was an absolute treasure.

If there are ever sequels made based on SMB2 and SMB3, I'd play the ever-loving heck out of them, but as a stand-alone title this is wonderful.
UTF Link
I recognized most of the music in the game during my playthrough. Thanks to a few helpful comments elsewhere on the internet, I was able to identify them all. Click the button below for the full list:

meatloaf Link
This is a great hack. There's certainly a couple spots that feel rather infuriating (along with the fact that one-block-wide jumps are much more difficult with SMB physics) but it's amazing overall. Thanks for making this, I quite enjoyed it.
JupiHornet Link
Really good hack. No major complaints. Arguably my favorite hack in terms of aesthetics
 Donut Link
This is a masterpiece
AppleBoy54321 Link
Will the plane gimmick be released?
juzcook Link
A thoroughly enjoyable experience. I'm quite fond of SMB physics in a special way and this hack was designed perfectly around them. Keep up the amazing work, as always.
rafaelms Link
I apologize to you, the creators of this amazing Mario World hack, that I don't have much to say about it.
But what I have to say is that this hack impressed me for the level design, the soundtrack, etc. But what really impressed me was the spaceship games, this is the first time I've seen this in a Super Mario World hack. Seriously, congratulations are in order, keep it up!!#smw{:peace:}#ab{;)}
Fangamestalgia Link
The game is inspired by Super Mario Bros. from 1985.

It also has a lot of nice graphics, but the time on the levels is very short, it's only 300, and the time goes by very fast.

I also want to create games inspired by past games.

Put a cheat 7E0F3303 as it's easy to run out of time in this game

This cheat will give you infinite time

For having little time, I gave 4 stars
SpoodahBro Link
This hack was amazing and I loved every second of it! It really did remind me of the SMB1 days~

Although, what the hell is up with Toad? Was he studying how to talk in Google Translate?
qantuum Link
mfw I realize most SMB1-like designs would be overly easy to beat with actual SMW physics.

this romhacks is blessed/cursed, well done guys.
UTF Link
6/17/2022 EDIT: Just to sum up my thoughts: This hack is really great. It captures the feel of playing SMB1 extremely well. I recently did a hard mode clear, which wasn't as hard as I thought (but definitely tricky if you're a first time player). If you're even a little interested in classic Mario platforming, please play this hack #ab{:D}

Kind of been out of the SMW hacking loop for a while, but this one is pretty cool! Haven't finished yet (I'm paused on 8-3) but so far it's quite difficult. Some thoughts so far:

• I think it's cool that coins and lives actually matter in this hack for hard mode players. It actually makes me want to look for bonus rooms, which is rare for any hack.

• SMB1 physics make the running-and-jumping more slippery and "committed". You really need to commit to your jumps when midair movement is so stiff. I am tempted to just run through the levels. One section in 8-3 almost seems to demand constant running and well-timed jumps, otherwise the next couple jumps become a lot harder with Nipper plants. I just got through it but man, that's tough.

• Attempting to do a one credit clear on hard is extremely daunting. Not sure if I have the time to dedicate to it right now.

• The mish-mash of music and graphical choices feel weird at first, but I like that it gives the feeling of a strange bootleg video game. It looks and sounds good overall.

• The parallax-scrolling BGs are always a welcome sight too.

• Don't want to spoil too much, but there's a singular obstacle in a World 4 level that's absolutely awful and rude, but funny too. If you know, you know.

• Unfortunately, single tile jumps feel awful in this hack, but I guess that's SMB1 physics for you.

• Also, I swear the downward pull from bottomless pits in the water is way stronger in this hack than in the real SMB1.

EDIT: What the hell is this jump on 8-4??? I am getting sucked into one of the spike sprites every time #tb{D'X}
ft029 Link
I tried the OG treatment for the first two worlds and gave up after seeing 3-3. But the hack was still wonderful when giving myself a save after each level. Very fun, and even the most daunting obstacles in the levels can be overcome. Great work!
 Heraga Link
really great hack! i look forward to seeing what other super mario world levels this "adam" guy will make #smw{:TUP:}
gab85 Link
wow great hack man