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SMW Quest for Gaming

Super Mario World Hacks → SMW Quest for Gaming

Submission Details

Name: SMW Quest for Gaming
Author: bandicoot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 98 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: SMW Quest For Gaming/Uma Aventura Gamer

Hack Trailer:

After rescuing the Princess so many times Mario and Yoshi decided to take a break to play some videogames.
However the pesky evil King Bowser and his Koopa Kids has stolen their SNES and all of their favorite games.
Now Mario must go on an adventure to defeat the Koopa Clan and take back his games.

The gameplay in this hack is pretty much the same as the original Super Mario World
However there are some additions and improvements to the game
Some of them being:
- Walljumps
- Autosave between levels
- Optional Collectables save between deaths and to the save file
- Better P-balloon physics
- Better powerups powerdowns
- Upwards Fireballs
- Safe Falls if you have a powerup
- Dynamic Dificulty System

Also the hack features an English and Brazilian Portuguese Translation
I hope you all enjoy it!
Tags: chocolate choconilla game story traditional vanilla
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4.9 (16 ratings)
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Comments (50)

jBL00D Link
Bandicoot this is a masterpiece. One of the best hacks I've ever played. Personally way too many power ups and 1ups than I'm used to but still very fun. The level designs were really great and didn't feel repetitive

The overworld was little flat and very linear. Would have been nice to see more alter paths like a warp pipe that jumps worlds.

Got all exits, all yoshi coins, all 3up moons and 99 lives but still only 102% instead of 105%. Not sure how I can be missing anything.

EDIT: I finally have 105%.

It looks like I originally missed the secret exit in 'Gusty Garden Skies' which meant I also didn't do 'Stickerbush Panic'. So I was missing 2 exits, 1 set of Yoshi coins and 1 3up moon. But before I completed those I was able to enter all doors in 'Misterious Hut'. (should be spelt Mysterious). So technically I shouldn't have been able to enter 3 doors. Strange.
stormitive Link
Oh yea! Thanks lol :)
bandicoot Author Link
@stormitive yes you can, press L+R to reenter castles
stormitive Link
Can you re-enter castles later on? I missed the moon in Castle #1 and I want to know if I’ll be able to get it later.
crocodileman94 Link
Really good hack. but I could enter the trophy room doors without fulfilling the requirements.
Kimmycooper890 Link
So I watched a video of someone playing the full walk through of this game on YT and it looks really fun, I'm just very new to rom hacks in general and have only played ( return to dinosaur land) and of course I ordered it online in the format of a cartridge because I don't know zip about downloading rom hacks. Dino land was really fun and easy to get through, I was hoping it would have been more challenging on some levels tho but it reminded me of the original, my question bandicoot, is what rom hack would you recommend for someone who is just starting out with rom hacks? Would (quest for gaming ) be a good one or maybe something else? Also it would need to be two players as well because me and my sis are the biggest smw fans and I noticed that you make all your games 2 player which I absolutely love that about you bandicoot... above this game is rated at "standard/hard" do you feel like that is accurate? Is this one really hard? The graphics are amazing for sure... thanks Bandicoot!
-One of your biggest fans
MateusCarvalho590 Link
Wow i like this hack
PepsiLover22 Link
this is a cool game, my favorite world is 7 and my favorite level is the four seasons maze
Retro Master HD Link
Well I’ll be completely honest this was one of your most amazing SMW Rom Hacks I’ve ever played and really loved the music choice as well especially the battle theme, the graveyard theme, the underground theme and the underwater theme from Shovel Knight, their my favourite theme tunes of this Hack. I really liked the level design including the graveyard level and the background design to it. Really great Hack and I give it 5 stars and a 10/10. Really hope to see another amazing SMW Rom Hack as amazing as this one in the further future. #tb{:]}#tb{:D}#smw{:TUP:}
love sega-bigN Link
I even felt a chill#ab{@_@}
P-Tux7 Link
Are most of this hack's bosses n00b boss?
axer Link
Hello Bandicoot and all.
Your works are amazing and this hack is probably one of the best in your collection. I love the way you did it. The collectibles are visible on worldmap and this give us the need to got them all. Ahahah.
Congratulation for all the work you have already done.

SolaireParaguaio Link
Good music, good visuals, good level design, cool mechanics. It's something really neat, my congratulations!
AntonioDosGames Link
Mais outro hack incrível, não canso de comentar sobre suas hacks, Bandicoot! Apesar dessa hack ter sido a mais curta, ainda dá pra se divertir bastante! Tem o melhor level design junto com a SMW CONTO DA COROA, tem muitas mecânicas aprimoradas, tem muitas músicas agradáveis e tem uma estética muito boa. A história é bem legal, diferente e é interessante que cada castelo você salva seus cartuchos!!! Nota: 5 estrelas! Se desse pra dar mais que 5 estrelas com certeza eu daria! PARABÉNS, CARA!
SomeGuy712x Link
Just started playing this, and in the first level, I found the moon, but it was only worth a 1-up, even though a message box in that level calls it a "3up moon".

Also, the "Yoshi-shoving" mechanic has been kind of annoying, like by accidentally knocking him off a cliff while trying to jump on him. Oh, and in a 2-player game, the overworld still shows "MARIO" for the lives at the top of the screen even on Luigi's turn.

UPDATE: I've played through the rest of the hack, and for the most part, it was really great! It does seem a bit annoying how several levels will just "poof" your Yoshi at the start instead of using a standard No-Yoshi intro, though.

Also, in the level "Think and Switch" in world 4, the second Yoshi coin is overlapping a subscreen boundary, causing glitchy effects when it's touched, like getting credit for all Yoshi coins in the level instantly. To fix this, move it one tile up or down from its current location. (There's room to move it one tile up without having to adjust anything else.)
Cornholio309 Link
Finished up the main courses last night and had a blast with this one! Really solid hack and probably one of my favorites I've played period...I might even as go as far as to say that it's my favorite Mario World ROM hack I've played, period. The design is that good!

The plot is intentionally a bit silly with the premise of Bowser taking Mario's Super Nintendo and all of his video games, but the hack surprisingly plays around with this a bit more than I expected. Traditional 2D Mario games aren't known for their plots, but having something more meta and having a bunch of 4th wall breaks was a pretty refreshing thing to see. It's not quite a background thing either, with the Koopalings taunting you in their respective castles bragging about the video game Bowser stole for them.
I actually found the ending rather cute too with the reveal Bowser stole the SNES for Junior and Mario having a change of heart at the end.
It's nothing groundbreaking by any means, but surprisingly more involved than other similar basic story premises I've seen. Players might be slightly turned off by the slightly mild profanity (the phrase 'Damn it!' being used twice), but it's otherwise not a huge deal.

A lot of the conveniences added are really nice too. Instant Item Box usage, pit saving if you have a powerup, and saving Dragon Coin count are all pretty lovely. From my understanding, these are community available ASM patches, but having played other hacks that take away from the player (removing the Item Box outright with no means of reenabling it), it's refreshing to see a hack that favors the player. It makes the level design much easier to approach.

Speaking of level design, wow. A lot of cool gimmicks are in this that deviate from the traditional Mario standard! From a spooky grasslands level, a frozen factory, a level based entirely on Bros. 1's visual design, to a level that relies entirely on Yoshi's Blue Shell swallowing gimmick, there's a lot present here. No two levels feel quite the same thanks to the gimmicks present, and the level design to back up these gimmicks is pretty great. You never really feel like you're thrown into the middle of the action without really having time to explore the gimmicks and the level design usually lets you know what to expect before you go on ahead. The Green Magikoopas are a pretty great example of that since your first encounter is one near some blocks away from anything else. Secrets are also super rewarding with the reworking of the Moon to now be a hidden collectible, and the aforementioned five Dragon Coins. They add a nice depth to the levels that give you more incentive to explore.

Visually and musically the hack is also wonderful. A lot of nice vanilla asset usage with some really appealing palettes and some new stuff to boot. I also recognized quite a few tracks that I thought were well chosen (Jake's work from Shantae and Shovel Knight, Crash Bandicoot, just to name a few).

Really fun time overall! Good, goofy fun with it's setup that actually manages to pay nod to the Super Nintendo decently well without feeling like it hinges on nostalgia. There's a lot of great unique ideas in here that stand on their own and feel like a challenging, rewarding experience.

luigi doll Link
I still haven't been able to complete the hack but I'm really enjoying it! just a question where can i find the music of the first world (more specifically training course prototype)?
AllejoBR Link
Ótima hack! Acabei de finalizar! Quantos troféus são? 5 ou 6? No mapa das estrela mostra 5 troféus, mas parece que falta um espaço no canto esquerdo do mapa. Consegui todos os desafios das portas.
Flandre Link
I personally like this hack for the mechanics that you added in, making the levels fit those mechanics and sometimes even revolve around them a little bit. Very Epik Hack. 11/10 if u like traditional.
Flandre Link
i havent played it but it looks like my dogs turd. which if you didnt know my dogs turd is very luxurious and cool looking. Dont ask me why i said the games looks cool in this expression i really dont know why.
bandicoot Author Link
Allyhestrela21 obrigado!
Eu conheço a pagina deles, inclusive assisti eles jogando O conto da Coroa por la#tb{:DD}

Aqui vão as dicas:
1)pra essa o truque é matar o boomerang bro, correr e voar fazendo o spinjump(botão A), dessa maneira ficara muito mais facil entrar no cano

2)Voce precisa chegar no final da fase com a pena e voar(tem penas pelo meio da fase)

3)é só fazer walljumps na parede e apertar cima pra entrar no cano, mas tem de ser rapido

4) essa "travada" é normal durante a transição, o jogo usa um patch pra mudar a musica e essa travada é o jogo carregando a musica seguinte, não tem nada que posso fazer sobre isso.
Agradeço pelo feedback, fico feliz que tenha gostado da hack#w{<3}

tenho uma duvida, eles pararam de fazer lives no facebook? adoraria encontrar a gameplay deles pra assistir, mas não acho
Allyhestrela21 Link
Conheci essa hack através da página Zap e Lena esta que é muito sua fã me convenceu a jogar a hack e fazer os 105% (inclusive a desafiei a fazer o mesmo em breve pois foi uma boa experiência!).

Entretanto devo ressaltar três fases em que enfrentei problemas e espero que você possa me ajudar a resolvê-los:

1)Na fase "Pense Ao Pular" não consegui acessar a saída secreta por meios normais pois a técnica é muito avançada, quase uma kaizo, poderia ser facilitada.

2)Na fase "Surf no Lago Tóxico" não consegui acesso a Lua por meios normais, pois precisaria escalar a parede para alcançá-la, existe algum outro acesso, pois não achei?

3)Na fase "Estreiras Ferventes" aconteceu mesma situação citada no anexo 1 e mais uma vez seria interessante um modo mais fácil para acessar a saída secreta.

No mais, é uma excelente hack, ótima trilha sonora e uma história até que boa, apesar de início ser meio confusa. Vai valer sim as 5 estrelas!!!

P.S.: Ah, quase esqueço que você precisa consertar a transição do mundo 2 para o 3, pois está apresentando um leve travamento no Overworld.
Fawndue Link
Super solid hack, the Special World at the end is a doozy!
100%ed it, great job Bandicoot.
Will there be a new version of this hack with the addition of new levels and the modification of some other levels?
quickdraw86 Link
Hmm... I beat this to the end, but, strangely, was able to collect the trophy for the moon's even though I was missing a few at the time. A great experience though all the same.
rafaelfutbal Link
Originally posted by bandicoot
rafaelfutbal yes, you got them all man. #smw{:peace:}
100% = Finding all the exits
105% = Finding all the collectibles and completing the 99 lives objective
Also if you wish send me a link to your playthrough, I would love to watch it. #w{=P}
thanks for the suport!

Nice! Thanks! 😁👍

My gameplay link:

PS: I beated 100% of this hack with no save state. 😉
bandicoot Author Link
rafaelfutbal yes, you got them all man#smw{:peace:}
100% = Finding all the exits
105% = Finding all the collectibles and completing the 99 lives objective
Also if you wish send me a link to your playthrough, I would love to watch it#w{=P}
thanks for the suport!
rafaelfutbal Link
Nice game!
I beated it in live. \o/
I think that I got all exits.
My save file has 105%. Is this all, folks?
Fury Link
Originally posted by bandicoot
@Fury - Coletar 99 vidas
Cara, acho que encontrei 2 bugs bem leves na hack:
1- No switch vermelho quando vc toma dano e imediatamente aperta SELECT, vc cai pra baixo do elevador (o Mario tem que estar com os pés no elevador pra bugar).
2- As músicas as vezes ficam aceleradas dentro das fases e nos mundos (talvez tenha haver com eu ter morrido por causa do tempo algumas vezes).
bandicoot Author Link
@Fury - Coletar 99 vidas
Fury Link
Mais uma grande hack, bandicoot!

Poderia me dizer qual o desafio da porta amarela na sala dos troféus?

bandicoot Author Link
Thanks einis5, I'm happy you enjoyed the hack.
The moon of Big Bridge Clash is just after the goal, eat a rainbow shell with Yoshi and go under the goal then fly to get the moon.
einis5 Link
One of the best hacks I ever played! I like Bandicoot's hacks also otherwise. Level design and music choices are excellent.

However, I found few small mistakes:

1. I can't find 3-up moon in level Big Bridge Clash. Has anyone else found it, or is it forgotten to put to level?
2. In overworld, there is mistake on path where Mario moving between levels Piracy Sailing and Cheep Cheep Island in world 5. At one point, it looks that Mario is walking on water instead of swimming.
3. In overworld I hear jumping fish sound when moving between levels Seaside Ruins and Deep Sea Blast at start of world 5.

These are so small mistakes, that these doesn't harm playing this excellent hack :)
bandicoot Author Link
Thanks for reporting, I updated the link with the bug fixed.
scratch Link
After beating "Bread of the Wild", I can't move on to the next stage in ow.
bandicoot Author Link
Hello guys, -important update: 01-23-2021-
- Fixed a bug with the Kamek fight where there was a small chance of the game stop saving if you die while Kamek is still in his throwing spells phase, this was fixed by me remodeling the fight.
- Fixed a bug where Mario could bypass level 2-2 on the map without completing it.
KazakhGuy Link
ArtieLiu Link
Mais uma excelente hack feita por ti.
No geral tem uma boa curva de dificuldade (com exceção de algumas partes pontuais, mas nada que seja impeditivo para completar o jogo).
bandicoot Author Link
Happy new year everyone!
A small update was made today 01-01-2022
it has some small fixes and the addition of an in-game credits for everyone that helped me with this project, thank you everyone!
I hope you enjoy the hack!
bandicoot Author Link
@Jeyson Sorry, its on English and Portuguese only
Jeyson29 Link
En español
quickdraw86 Link
I love Bandicoot's hacks. Though I haven't gotten too far in this just yet, I'm thoroughly enjoying it all the same.
Mohamad20ZX Link
My boy bandicoot
balloonfox101 Link
Love your hacks, bro! ;-)
Jeyson29 From older version: SMW Quest for Gaming Link
Very good job I hope it comes out this year I hope to play it in full an aversion in Spanish would be good for your hack
 BeeKaay From older version: SMW Quest for Gaming Link
A fun romp overall, but a few things you may want to fix for the next version:

- This triangle in Vine Glade doesn't work, probably because it doesn't have a 1EB block under it.
- There's a lot of slowdown in Truffle Bomb Blast.
- Firebars can be despawned throughout the hack (for example, going right past the first firebars in Firebar Canyon then back left despawns all the firebars.
- I got a "TIME UP !" screen after falling into the lava in Crystaline Path with 400 seconds on the timer.
- Toxic Warp Zone is frustrating to play, and somewhat unfair. Mario is killed by hugging the left wall while falling down. Screen-wrapping while riding the raft pushes Mario off to the side, and he can fall off the raft into lava (for example, standing here seems like it should be fine, but will push Mario off into the lava). Landing on this spring is kind of blind, especially without cape. Then, doing a full jump off the spring results you in hitting the lava ceiling and taking damage. Also, the fact that the bottom tile of ceiling lava hurts you is unexpected given that the top tile of floor lava doesn't. The level also lags a lot.
- In Sunshine and Spikes, I didn't know that Yoshi could hold these enemy projectiles in his mouth, or that they interacted with blocks, so it took me some time to figure out how to get the secret exit. Consider explaining the mechanic in a message box or demonstrating it in an obvious way.
- This message box in 4# Iggy's Castle is blank.
Lenilson_BowserFaller From older version: SMW Quest for Gaming Link
Next job on the hook, congratulations. Let's test if the final version of the hack is out. (100 exits will be great for this project.)
Mohamad20ZX From older version: SMW Quest for Gaming Link
Great job bandicoot excellent work in the book#smrpg{y}
bandicoot Author From older version: SMW The Great Adventure Link
I tried making entire chocolate hacks in the past but they are really not my style, they take a lot of map16 space and after a while it starts getting annoying having to manage it all.
However The crown tale started as a simpler vanilla hack in its early development and then turned out into a more Chocolate hack latter, I think this one will follow the same pattern.
Also I just love the look of the original smw, so...
MegaSonic1999 From older version: SMW The Great Adventure Link
I noticed that you usually go Vanilla in most of your hacks, have you ever thought to use ripped graphics, aside from SMW the crown tale?