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Título da Canção


    Coral Labyrinth

    Música para SMW → Coral Labyrinth

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    Detalhes da Submissão

    Nome: Coral Labyrinth
    Autor: RednGreen
    Tamanho de Inserção: 0x11A4 bytes
    Tipo: Canção
    Utilização de Sample: Leve
    Fonte: Original
    Duração: 2:05
    Em Destaque: Não
    Descrição: Underwater tune I made back in 2017 for battleofthebits's SPC Echoes 2 contest. In order to limit sfx cut-off, I included two versions with different pattern placement, one better suited for underwater levels (corallabyrinth) and one for ground levels (corallabyrinthground).
    Visualização: Tocar SPC
    Marcadores: abstract ambient calm cave environmental ice mysterious night water
    Comentários: 10 (pular para comentários)
    5,0 (7 avaliações)
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    Download 97,71 KiB | 194 downloads

    Comentários (10)

    HammerBrother Link
    Keygen music quality, I really like this song.
    Solivan1889 Link
    Giftshaven Link
    Absolute legendary piece. 5/5
    UTF Link
    Hey I remember this! I'm very glad to see it up for download. Emotive, moody, mysterious, energetic (towards the end). It's still one of my favorite SMW music pieces.
    7 up Link
    If this is usable in a SMW ROM hack, then I don't know how much better an unsampled song could even be.
    Enan63 Link
    Finally! Thank you so freaking much for uploading this!!! #smw{^_^}
    HamOfJustice Link
    Elevates a water level into an emotional high point of a hack.
    Plasmariel Link
    The king is back!
    brickblock369 Link
    Yoooo thanks for releasing these!!! It's a gem #tb{:DD}
     Hooded Edge Link
    Holy Shit!!! He's back!!!