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Marisa And Reimu's Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Marisa And Reimu's Hack

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Comments (4)

luigi doll Link
good hackthe levels are mounted in an excellent way#thp{:>}
MarcosMoutta Link
Absurd. 6/5
Contrite Link
Hi bro.

I really like your hack, with very good cinematics and the levels, although they are a headache, are very well done.

could you do the super marisa world?
Ben42 Link
A very solid 5/5 stars

I've never rated a hack before, but I was so impressed by this that I dug out my login details to share my thoughts!

The mechanics are very addictive and I'd love to see more hacks based on these physcis. The length and dfficulty of each level was very well-balanced, maybe with the exception of 1 level which was much harder before the checkpoint

I'll probably be playing through the rest of your work now that I've seen what you're capable of!

Looking forward to seeing more,