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Song Title


    Blue Breaker

    BRR Samples → Blue Breaker

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    Submission Details

    Name: Blue Breaker
    Author: Fullcannon
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: All melodic samples from Blue Breaker, the first game of the series on the PlayStation, modified to fit in the limitations of BRR.
    Tags: acoustic bass alto sax baritone sax bowed glass pad brass section brightness fx celesta chinese cymbal choir aahs clap clarinet claves clavinet crash cymbal distortion guitar dulcimer electric piano english horn finger bass flute french horn guitar harmonics halo pad harp harpsichord honky-tonk piano jazz guitar kick maracas music box mute guitar nylon guitar overdrive guitar pan flute piano pizzicato rock organ sawtooth sine wave sitar slap bass snare splash cymbal steel guitar string ensemble synth bass synth brass synth choir synth strings tambourine timpani tom trumpet tubular bell vibraphone violin warm pad whistle
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