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Lunar Helper + Lunar Monitor Bundle v2.0.0

Tools → Lunar Helper + Lunar Monitor Bundle v2.0.0

Submission Details

Name: Lunar Helper + Lunar Monitor Bundle v2.0.0
Authors: Atari2.0, YMM, underway
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None

This is a bundle of two tools, Lunar Helper (originally created by Maddy Thorson, slightly altered by me (underway)) and Lunar Monitor (mostly written by me, logging functionality added by Atari2.0), which together allow you to very easily extract resources from your ROM while you edit it in Lunar Magic and to then rebuild your ROM from these extracted resources.

Each tool has its own directory in this archive, as well as its own included readme for its setup.

Lunar Helper is basically a build system for SMW ROMs, which takes a bunch of resources and inserts them all into a clean ROM to produce a hacked output ROM.

Lunar Monitor automatically extracts the necessary resources for this process whenever you make changes to them while working with Lunar Magic.

Note that the included Lunar Helper version is slightly different from the standard version in that it does not have a Save function, since Lunar Monitor handles all exports automatically.

Note that v2.0.0 is the version tag assigned to this bundle by me, I'm not assigning it to the individual tools.

Version history:

v2.0.0 - Updates Lunar Monitor to v1.0.0 ("Export all" button, log messages in LM and removal of `mwl_file_format`)
v1.2.1 - Updates Lunar Helper to v1.2.1-LMC, which fixes a typo in the new config var from v1.2.0-LMC
v1.2.0 - Updates Lunar Helper to v1.2.0-LMC and Lunar Monitor to v0.5.0
v1.1.1 - Updates Lunar Helper to v1.1.1-LMC
v1.1.0 - Updates Lunar Helper to v1.1.0-LMC and Lunar Monitor to v0.4.0
Tags: insert inserter insertion
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Comments (4)

 NewPointless Link
I don't recommend this tool.

Often overwrites your progress with map16 and levels unexpectedly. Doesn't recognize .state files for demos. Gives a false "success" result when UberASM fails.

Clunky and confusing to set up, as well.

Not only that, this version is very out of date and the maintainers stopped updating it on the site and then moved onto another tool.

There's way better options.
Vitor Vilela Link
Both works good pretty well and I think you should consider on the future sticking this bundle as the "default" set up where both tools are included but include instructions to let the user choice between enabling/disabling it.
sdace Link
Very good tool!

Minor thing I ran into that might trip someone up for a few minutes: The commented out lines in lunar-monitor-config.txt should be edited to use colons if you're going to use these variables.

Something else I noticed that isn't really a bug, but I spent too long trying to figure out, so I may as well point out for anyone reading; the initial_patch.bps "dirties" Level 105 (sorry if this isn't technically accurate), and you'll get a level 105.mwl when you try exporting all data, even if you haven't made any changes to it yourself. I could be wrong about this, but I tried applying the initial patch to a totally clean ROM and ran the "Export Multiple Levels to Files" command in Lunar Magic, and got the same result. I assume this is done because some tools complain if you don't save a level first, and level 105 was chosen as the sacrifice (that's what I get for not using 105 as my first level).
 underway Author Link
The part about level 105 is probably true. The thing is, I had to save a level in Lunar Magic to ensure the corresponding hijacks get inserted. I didn't change the level, I merely moved an object and moved it back, but presumably since Lunar Magic sometimes seems to randomly permute level data when you save, something got changed and the level is detected as having been "modified". Not sure if there's an easy way around this.