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    Law & Order: Mushroom Kingdom Unit - Pumped Up On Detached Cliffs

    Musique SMW → Law & Order: Mushroom Kingdom Unit - Pumped Up On Detached Cliffs

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    Nom: Law & Order: Mushroom Kingdom Unit - Pumped Up On Detached Cliffs
    Auteur: Daizo Dee Von
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    Type: Chanson
    Utilisation d'échantillons: Beaucoup
    Source: Originale
    Durée: 1:16
    En vedette: Non
    Description: As heard in Super Mario World Challenges, intended for scooter102089's "Law & Order: Mushroom Kingdom Unit". One of the very few SMW custom songs to feature actual lyrics. Most definitely will fit bar/pub areas, or can be background noise for very abstract levels. Maaaybe Bonus Levels too.

    Incompatible with Thunder/Blarggs, Yoshi, P-switch, Stage Clear, and Bonus End.
    Tempo shouldn't change.
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    Étiquettes: abstract bonus carnival credits cutscene final fire industrial switch palace title
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    commentaires (6)

    Hanox Lien
    Also works well for underground castle areas (aka castles that you access from a warp pipe in a regular level).
    Daizo Dee Von Author Lien
    Yes guys, the lyrics are from a parody of "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" (specifically this remix: Detach the Wheatley Core)

    Good catch. #smrpg{y}
    ExxorD Lien
    It definitely has the cadence of the Kidnap the Sandy Claws song from the Nightmare Before Christmas.
    CalHal Lien
    Sounds like Kidnap the Sandy Claws
    nordict Lien
    fire tag is right because this track is fire
    Cote de Boeuf Lien
    Yo this new Crazy Frog track is fire