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Ceiling Buzzy Beetle / Spiny

SMW Sprites → Ceiling Buzzy Beetle / Spiny

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 RussianMan Link
Tested With:
-Lunar Magic 3.32
-PIXI 1.32
-bsnes v115
-SA-1 1.40

Fixed a bug where turning into falling down spinning mode while falling from a ledge would make it clip through the ceiling with upward speed from the fall due to a missing ceiling check. Otherwise I didn't find any issues. Do note that it doesn't work correctly with upside-down slopes, per usual.

Added some missing tags (lorom, sa-1 and enemy).
Bernardo Link
Being one of my most wanted sprites, I still can't believe we didn't have a good version of this before.
Knight of Time Link
The sprite works just as I hoped it would; thanks again EternityLarva!