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Newbie Kaizo World

Super Mario World Hacks → Newbie Kaizo World

Submission Details

Name: Newbie Kaizo World
Author: Azula16
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: This is an update to my first romhack.
If you want to play the first version, check the history. (I do not recommend it at all)

In this version I lowered the difficulty at all levels.
I added a few more levels.
I gave the levels a better design and took their opinions into account.
Tags: beginner boss easy espanol kaizo light music retry short
Comments: 46 (jump to comments)
4.6 (32 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (46)

ClaireChan Link
Very nice hack! It took me 1 hour to finnish it! Good job#smw{:peace:}
drehimself Link
This was my very first ROM hack. I enjoyed every single level, it was challenging but fair. Great practice to git gud at Kaizo.
Carl_in_a_trench Link
very fun
movax_13h Link
Super fun. All banger levels. Love the idea of inspiring each level from other hacks. I need to run this back after I've beaten more of the hacks that inspired it. Thanks for all the fun!
Super Nikuworld Link
i had a lot of fun with the hack :3 all lvls are very enjoyable and beginner friendly except the final castle but hey thats okay its a final lvl that must be hard ^^
last boss fight was very cool, i give 5 stars for this :3
mayob Link
Simple and fun hack, thanks!
HypnoticKyo Link
Demasiado izi, no es cierto, muy divertido y la dificultad es la mejor que haya probado...! ❤️

Excelente trabajo... Sigue así...!
Azula16 Author Link
;w; ¡Gracias! #smrpg{<3} #fim{<3}
Tio_mexican Link
i remember this hack beign played on the mexican kaizo race on facebook last year, looked pretty fun, im downloading this version to try it myself! =) ggs
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
chsbrgr Link
I enjoyed this hack, but felt very frustrated with the last boss. 4 times I've defeated the boss, but cannot survive the death animation.
matatouille19 Link
Probably the most entretaining kaizo for beginners
broom Link
Lemus Time Link
Felicidades! me gusto mucho este kaizo y me motivo a iniciar en este bonito mundo! esperemos una segunda versión de este kaizo! me gustaria mucho!
Adriel_Isaque Link
I loved the idea of using the names of other hacks in your levels. It's a kind of homage to them. Good job, congratulations. I really liked your hack.
Banshell77 Link
Posiblemente el hack definitivo para los nuevos kaizeros, un hack bonito, divertido, con un soundtrack super genial, de mis favoritos definitivamente <2+1
Iginla403 Link
Amazing hack for those new to Kaizo. This is only the 3rd Kaizo hack I have completed in full and loved every level. Please make more hacks of similar difficulty.
 blueribbonhighlife Link
Really enjoyed the update! A lot of smooth setups and a few tougher spots that are a fun challenge
SirNickington Link
This hack was delightful. I enjoyed every moment! Great for beginners!
CarlitosGaming Link
Great beginner hack, absolutely recommend it for new kaizo players. Thanks a lot for creating this hack, Azula, it was a really awesome improvement from the previous version.
shaka21 Link
AZULA16 #1#smrpg{y}
Tio Ruffles Link
The most downloaded of the month and top for newbies.
You must play it.

Soy tu fan sensei #smrpg{cool}
Retr0_Dave Link
Loved the hack; it’s short and sweet and perfect for beginners! Great way to be one of the cool kids by playing levels with the cool music from harder hacks you watch others play without having to be an expert at Kaizo yourself. It’s also a great hack to speed run, and I hope other categories like Any% and Yump% are added.
one of the most fun ligth kaizos i have ever played.
thanx ❤ alot 😊 for this hack. definitely looking for more from AZULA16. I LOVE IT. ITS ON MY TOP 3 SHORT AND FUN...
again muchas gracias
whats the yellow shell for to skip the bridge?
Kazefbr Link
Fun and short , Nice hack.

👻 El mejor hack de la vida y más por el nivel con mi tubería .😊 Que buen servicio .
CMBeeZ Link
Super Fun, I Really Enjoyed It!
UFrozenO Link
Good hack
chillysteak Link
As my first fully completed Kaizo hack (including the hidden pipe ;) This was absolutely amazing!

I managed to get all 11 exits, and it only took a good half day or so! Thank you for making this, it's beyond perfect and was so much fun!

Now I'm off to replay it again lol
CentenoGG Link
Nice and very funny
SlipRise Link
Nice,funny and forgiving hack, perfect for beginners.

Good job - keep it up
B_E_A_N_ Link
WOW! This was my first Kaizo hack I've played besides the first half of Kaizo Kindergarten and what an incredible time. Challenging for a very beginner, but after somewhere around 6-7 hours I beat it! Everything was thought out and fair. I really enjoyed this as a first real exposure to the world of Kaizo!
Kaiz0bro Link
Wow this wasn't just an improvement on the original hack, it's basically a completely new experience! This is perfect for beginners to get their feet wet. I liked the "super ryu world definitive edition" type palettes. This is miles beyond what it used to be! Very enjoyable hack, well done Azula!! 5/5
Azula16 Author Link
Originally posted by gustintendo
A very pleasant experience all the way through. Well done, especially the final boss; the difficulty felt perfect for the flow of the game. Beginners will struggle on levels 'Grand Poo World' (gotta love Barb barbYo) and 'Garlic' but without challenges, how do we get better? Oh and did you fall asleep on your keyboard?...=>

Hahaha. Asleep on my keyboard. XD
It is the name of a Volcano in Iceland that is surrounded by snow and has a river of lava.
gustintendo Link
A very pleasant experience all the way through. Well done, especially the final boss; the difficulty felt perfect for the flow of the game. Beginners will struggle on levels 'Grand Poo World' (gotta love Barb barbYo) and 'Garlic' but without challenges, how do we get better? Oh and did you fall asleep on your keyboard?...=>

GrenudoGames Link
this new version is so cool, I enjoyed every level. short, easy and fun.
ta chido, ta chido. :P
wir4lor Link
Its fantastic
GiraffeKiller Link
Wow! You did a fantastic job getting this together. I enjoyed every level. Even the water level was very agreeable and I HATE those. Lol. Well done, looking forward to more from you.
NikSik1 Link
This version is a huge improvement from the previous versions of this hack. Very nice job on this one
 blueribbonhighlife From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
Some parts are very interesting and fun, but I found the water level and final boss frustrating and not fun to grind.
BunBunAshly From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
fun, if a little uneven. final boss wasn't ~that~ bad, turbo rez was fine haha. got stuck on the second room of the castle, but it turns out it's because my brain wasn't functioning.
Kezcade From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
You can cheese the final room before the boss by just jumping down straight to the door, skipping pretty much everything. Something to keep in mind if you update this.
MazkoMac From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
Has to be one of the worst final boss fights of any hack...well maybe any video game ever. After playing Dancer in Discordant system was looking for more of chill hack between intermediate ones...this was easy, but definitely not chill.
Not_Vinicius1 From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
Yamoy From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
Cool hack for beginners. I just finished it and everything is great until the last level.

Then there are a few minor issues, but probably nothing that can't be patched :

- Like cangrejo, I went left first and felt disappointed that I had reached the any % end without knowing it. An extra text block in the Yoshi house at the start would probably be enough to let players know which way to go depending on the way they want to play the hack. (For those who want to try it, go up for switch palace, left for the final boss / any %)
- The one screen puzzles in the final level are really cool, but I think the interest of on screen levels is lost if you don't disable screen scrolling.
- The fight with the final boss is really rough but not in a fun way, especialy without the switch palace activated. The reason for that is that most of the background is red and you just can't see the fireballs on it, especially when you are focused on the boss that is going so fast. It is especially punishing without the switch palace, because the black part (where you can see fireballs) of the background is at the bottom and you can't really go there without the grey blocks. This should be easily fixed by changing the background for another color.
- Finally I wanted to read the credits, but I reached a "congratulations" screen before the end of it. I didn't see the shoutouts #tb{:?}

Overall these are small issues and I had fun 95% of the time. This game is easy'ish with a kaizo feeling which is definitely the goal here.

Great first game #smrpg{y} 4/5
Tio Ruffles From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link

This hack is perfect for new people in kaizos.
Short and fun.
Hiroki From older version: Newbie Kaizo World Link
Nice noobs hack but... the last battle was so speedy that you get through the enemy once in a while and for the pick a path i think is unfair that you might need something from one patch and if you choose the other one you got to go back .. well i beat the final boos without the other path but i found that lil bit unfair but anyway really like the hack nice job!!