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HAZMAT (Title)

SMW Graphics → HAZMAT (Title)

Submission Details

Name: HAZMAT (Title)
Author: AmperSam
Type: Original
Purpose: Font
Slots Used: BG3
Palette Row(s) Used: 5
Description: This is a full 26 character (A-Z) version of the title screen font I made for level of mine: "HAZMAT".

This font uses just 3 colours (and a black outline) and can use vanilla palettes but a gradient will give the ideal results, see the sample level for an example of such a palette, and for an optimal look I recommend placing the letters over a dark background.

Note: this is not a layer 3 font which means it will have to be placed in-level to appear in-game.
Tags: sans serif title screen
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Comments (1)

gabiel_poli Link
Nice graphics to use on some hacks #smw{:peace:}