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32x32 Throw Block

SMW Blocks → 32x32 Throw Block

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 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.31
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • GPS v1.4.3
  • PIXI v1.32
Added sa-1 tag and edited description to mention a "32x32" throw block sprite since it's replaced by a custom sprite now.

That update is certainly a very good one because it actually includes a giant throw block instead of turning it into a normal throw block. Some bugs weren't fixed (e.g. you can grab two throw blocks at the same time when you stand on top of one and next to one not different to the GIF) but the fact that there is only a single file makes at least moderation easier (though it's better if you'd check for the Map16 number to determine the corner since all the duplicate code is still inserted into the ROM).

That being said, I have noticed a couple issues within the sprite:
  • You can't really drop it unless Mario has got a high enough speed. The hitbox is presumably too large or the ungrabbable timer is too short (this may have been solved by a custom carried code).
  • If you kick the block upwards with some horizontal speed and regrab it, the block is still interacting with other blocks which means it gets destroyed when you put it next to a wall.
  • Throw the block upwards to other sprites and it destroys itself. Vanilla throw blocks don't do that.
The issues are relatively minor but in any case, an update (or even better, a replacement) to fix them would be very nice.
DynastyLobster Link
does this do double damage to bosses?
The Thunder Productions Link
Great for giant world themes.
AppleBoy54321 Link
Originally posted by ASSATAKKU

Mega Moment
Klug Link
NICE! A much updated version of a giant version of the Throw Block of what we know and what we love. But... you forgot to update the description:
A 32x32 throw block that spawns a 16x16 throw block sprite when grabbed.

It should be:
A 32x32 throw block that spawns a custom 32x32 throw block sprite when grabbed.
KaidenThelens Link
ASSATAKKU From older version: 32x32 Throw Block Link
Can you throw me this custom sprite?
HammerBrother From older version: 32x32 Throw Block Link
Perhaps,you should look at mine, the x and y high bytes positions of blocks are swapped in vertical levels ($99 and $9B).
 Blind Devil From older version: 32x32 Throw Block Link
Nice block, but it has some issues. First one is that it doesn't work properly in vertical levels. Once you collect a block, it may or may not disappear, plus causing cutoff in other completely random locations.

The other one is minor and doesn't affect gameplay, and seems to happen only on bsnes/higan. When I grab the block, it disappears normally (talking about interaction), but causes graphical cutoff, as seen in the screenshots below.

Tested insertion with both BTSD and GPS. It gives me the same results.