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Super Mario World Hacks → Glow

Submission Details

Name: Glow
Author: Idunno
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: The color has been stolen and it's up to some random person to get them back! That's really all there is to the story

This hack's visuals are based on those found in GameBoy games. The difficulty is also pretty reminiscent of older 8-bit games, being mostly trial and error (but you have infinite lives so it's more forgiving).

There are 8 levels and 11 exits. The 3 main levels have secret exits unlocked by collecting all 4 broken orb things without dying. The levels they unlock aren't very important in this demo, but they will be in the full version. Just think of them as extra challenges. There's also 1 boss fight in the demo.

As for non-vanilla stuff in the hack, there's wall jumps, the player's hitbox is always small, the retry system patch is used, and there's a bunch of custom stuff.
Tags: 8-bit asm bosses custom character exgfx music non-mario original graphics platforming traditional
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Comments (4)

i'm from russia Link
this hack is so good,and it's really unique!Good luck with making full hack!
DJPivotTables Link
This hack is awesome - can't wait for the rest!!!
 1UPdudes Link
I first saw this in the Work In Progress section of the site and was immediately pulled in with the hacks visual presentation. Getting to play this small demo has been a real treat.

Its tough. Nothing to crazy but some set-ups might not work due to enemy positions or if you use the L/R Scroll sometimes. I first thought there were no checkpoints but then I found one in the first main level.
I respect the decision to make it "retro-hard" I really do. The design is so well thought out that I can't fault it one bit and having the power-ups be somewhat generous is a plus.

I can't praise this small demo enough. Each level has various different locals to explore each with distinct themes using a limited colour palette.
Just go play it. You'll enjoy the challenge and the visuals.
Fantastic Work Idunno. I eagerly await the full version.
babyseal Link
wtf bros... this hack doesn't run on templeos...