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Super Mario World Hacks → Celeste.smc

Submission Details

Name: Celeste.smc
Author: MarkAlarm
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is the lovechild of two incredible platformers. Over the course of three years, I brought the mechanics, elements, and visuals from Celeste into Super Mario World. While the inspiration comes heavily from Celeste, it is not a 1:1 recreation or remake of it. The level design is entirely my own, blending the ideologies from Kaizo Mario and Celeste into one complete package. The overarching level design philosophy is something that has never really been seen before given the hack's extensive catalog of custom mechanics and its use of exploration despite being considered Kaizo.
Basically every mechanic from Celeste you can think of has been brought over. The dash, the wall jump, the strawberries, and more. Nearly everything has some form of representation in the hack and it is all combined with familiar SMW and Kaizo mechanics. Regrabs, neutralling of the d-pad, and of course shells are all utilized in combination with the Celeste elements to create a one-of-a-kind hack playthrough.
With these being said, I do have a few warnings. If you have not beaten all chapters of Celeste, I would recommend doing that before playing this. This hack does its best to explain the Celeste mechanics, though a base understanding of how they work in the original game is quite useful to have in the back pocket. It will also highlight some of the minute differences between Celeste and my implementation of them in the SMW engine.
Another warning is that this hack is fairly difficult. I did my best to make (at least) the first level approachable for beginners so they could at least enjoy some of this game, but the difficulty ramps dramatically as the hack progresses. This game assumes that you have a strong, fundamental understanding of Kaizo mechanics and if you lack these, this hack may be something you approach at a later point in time. I would consider beating Summit ("any%") a Kaizo: Intermediate hack, but going for a full 100% completion (all berries, all hearts, all chapters) would be Kaizo: Expert.
The last warning I'll mention (in regards to the hack's difficulty and gameplay) is that this hack is incredibly rough on the hands. Especially when playing on a standard SNES controller, your hands will hurt more quickly than playing a typical Kaizo hack due to the custom mechanics this hack features. I would recommend taking breaks when playing through this, both to save your hands and to enjoy the experience more. Getting stuck on sections when your hands hurt or when something is unclear is a good time to stop. It will play much better the next time you tackle it. Feel free to ignore my advice, just be aware of the potential consequences.
Last note, and this is mainly for stating compatibility. To start, this hack does not work on SNES Classic, and will never work for it. Due to all the custom stuff that gets saved and the system's improper emulation of SRAM, this hack will not work on SNES Classic and I would have to rewrite basically everything to make it compatible. Sorry, play on an emulator instead. The other incompatible thing is that using savestates on console can be quite buggy. Due to how savestates work on console versus emulators, anything in SRAM will not get saved properly and may result in unintended consequences. I also have custom audio code and due to how ARAM is not backed up on console savestates, audio may break as well in levels that run this specified code. While I have code that could prevent savestate use entirely, you can still try to use savestates on console, but I am giving you plenty of warning that it might not work as you expect.
Anyway, with all of that said, I am incredibly happy to finally be putting this out. This hack means a lot to me and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it. If you actually read through the entirety of this description, you're a real one. Good luck, have fun.

You can do this.
Tags: asm bosses crossover exgfx exploration gimmick hdma huge level music powers variety
Comments: 37 (jump to comments)
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Comments (37)

scoots85 Link
why cant i download this? when i do it downloads a bps file
ScorelessPine Link

(Spoilered image) I know its over a year since the original release, I'm not sure what your plan on continued support is for this hack, however I ran into this issue during Celestial Resort (I think last major checkpoint, after a few deaths there) and this helpful error screen popped up telling me to let you know, and is unfortunately unable to restore a previous state. I was playing this on the BSnes emulator and patched onto a headerless .sfc if that makes any difference.
Side note, I was also noticing crackles in the music audio during Old Site first theme as was noted elsewhere in this thread, so I don't think its just a SuperNT issue there.
I'm really loving the hack so far though, I've been trying to stay spoiler free as much as possible before playing it and I'm really enjoying it, Celeste was an amazing game and mixing that with SMW just feels so fun to play.
cafink Link
Is there anywhere to download the soundtrack as SPC files? I see that some tracks are available on smwcentral, but not all of them. I loved the SNES adaptations of Celeste's music and would love to have them compiled in one place.
GrenudoGames Link
i finished this game and omg its really impresive, i love every thing put on thi. amazing work, i loved SO MUCH. Great work dude, tnks 4 this.
johhankyuzu Link
Amazing hack. I'm definitely going to play several times, a lot of fun, I'd love for it to have more stages.
BrandonBlank Link
Amazing hack. I never played original Celeste and I still had an amazing time with this. (I'll get to playing original Celeste I promise). Definitely worthy of the chad tag.
saucebrune Link
One of the best games I've had the chance to play, all games and consoles combined. It's a 5 star Celeste tribute, but SO MUCH more than that. This fusion is meant to be. Integrating Celeste mecahnics into SMW is brilliant. Been playing since the day it got out and still playing to this day. Highly recommend.
TripleM Link
This is the first romhack I've ever beaten without save-states.

There is a reason. It was worth it. It was amazing. I am now sad it's over.
BananaIcedZambie Link
What an absolutely amazing hack. Celeste mechanics with mario things was done so well. 5/5 :D , easily hack of the year for me :)
810Munoz Link
THIS NEEDS TO BE A FEATURED ROMHACK BY THE WAY. Not sure if that's a thing still but it definitely has my nomination.
810Munoz Link
Yeah I was told I'd be climbing a mountain, yet I didn't find a single slope??????

5/5. smh could've EASILY been 6/5.

edit: In all seriousness, this hack is AMAZING. Any problems I had clearing sections turned out to be my own fault every time. I.E.: forgetting I have an extra dash available at some points, or not using the level geometry in the smartest way.
In other words, not only is it super fun but there's no jank to ruin the fun either. I <explicit> love this hack. Thanks.
h4shcat Link
zazac Link
What does this spinning colored thing do? And how about this blue coin?
Also, I can't reach the green crystals and recover my dash

hcwdy Link
Wow. Just wow. Prior to this hack, I'd taken a break from kaizo for a few months. I'm so glad I came back, since this is easily one of my favorite hacks. So much time and love was put into this hack and it really shows. Thank you for everything you put into this community.
HammerBrother Link
Originally posted by MarkAlarm
Not sure where exactly you’re referring to, nor what glitches would be necessary. Even if glitches were required, do remember that it’s a kaizo hack and this sort of design is perfectly acceptable for the hack that it is.

 MarkAlarmThis is an example of a bug I think is required to pass this loop:

EDIT: Don't hold left, you'll slow down.

Strawberry #10 in celestial resort seems unobtainable.

EDIT: Crap, deleted the wrong post. Sorry! Previously, I found some areas I think requires a bug in order to get certain strawberries (not enough platforms/dashes) and even passing the level as shown in the image above.
tjb0607 Link
there's no bug required there
as long as you hold jump the whole time for the extra bit of air, and wait a bit before dashing to line yourself up at the right spot.

and that strawberry is definitely obtainable,
you just need the right combination of dashes and walljumps.

either way, abusing SMW's bugs and mechanics like that is very commonly required in kaizo romhacks.
ZX497 Link
An absolutely amazing hack, really captures the essence of Celeste. The difficulty curve is perfect and regular checkpoints make this such a joy to play.

Music track in Old Site has some crackling, and start-select crashed the game for me a few times (OpenEMU emulator). Neither is a major issue, no progress was lost whatsoever since the game auto-saves.

Must play for every kaizo fan.
PastaNoSauce Link
Never played Celeste, but having experience with tough chocolate hacks - like Super Swunsh World 2 - made the process of 'getting good' smoother.

Taking my time with 100%, 8 exits down - and want to recommend for players: teach yourself to use the R trigger (assuming SNES controller) instead of L. I always used L for motor skill levels - but using L here caused hand pain much sooner (and might be one of the reasons people get hand pain with motor skills in general). After switching to R it's much improved, but still requires breaks.

Amazing game, of course. Up there with playing SMW and Super Metroid for the first time.
mason Link
Originally posted by tjb0607
yep, the Super Nt is known to have buggy and inaccurate sound emulation with crackling in many ports. That's just a fault of the console itself.

Happens to me in SNES9X and RetroArch as well
tjb0607 Link
oh you're right, happens on bsnes as well and I think GPB actually plays on real hardware. I just assumed because it sounds very similar to how the Super Nt breaks other ports
ZeroFrames Link
This is a great Hack!
zLukaasPvPz Link
larsihasi86 Link
Very fun hack! I have some Audio cracking at Old Site (like GPB in his video). I play it on Super NT, anyone else experiencing this problem?
mason Link
Yes! My understanding is that it’s a feature of the port :)
tjb0607 Link
yep, the Super Nt is known to have buggy and inaccurate sound emulation with crackling in many ports. That's just a fault of the console itself.
Realtimeglover Link
too hard for me lol, but i loved watching GPB play this!
 Aram Link
ah yes chad my favorite smw tag
le4che Link
BabaYegha Link
Best Water Hack of 2022
GarbitheGlitcheress Link
Ezel Link
My two favorite platformers mixed into one thing, what else could I dream for??
mhensley Link
i been waiting on this rom!!!
Steven Link
 Nirv Link
I'm very excited #smrpg{:D}
le4che Link
Sweetdude Link
Best mario in celeste hack ever