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Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest
Author: Anorakun
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest is an old-school styled hack, that has inpiration in various videogames, including Kirby, Mega Man, Castlevania, Ganbare Goemon, Shinobi, Mario and others. Instead of inspiring myself in any hack creator, I wanted to make this project as a love letter for videogames and I plan to achieve that with this hack.

It's a weird hybrid of traditional and chocolate. While this hack has a lot of ASM, its level design is more focused all in tackling obstacles than innovative level design. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, just to be clear, so don't go with the wrong expectations, when playing this hack. Much like an old game, it has some bullshit moments, but a lot of good and rewarding gameplay.

This hack has lore, but it's not too wordy or too wacky. It's very easy to understand. You only watch the cutscenes once and go back to the action even if you die once, due to my clever vanilla checkpoints placement. Slightly inspired by The Second Reality Project 2 Reloaded and Luigi's Misadventures.

What this hack contains:
- A custom player sprite, drawn by Deeke.
- Various patches aimed for quality of life experience, to make the platforming even more fun;
- 10 tough levels;
- 3 HUB areas to save your progress;
- Neat selection of custom musics;
- Tough platforming;
- A few "gotcha" moments, inspired by SMW: Gaiden;
- Simple and challenging bosses;
- Bumpties (Segment1Zone2 angry noises);
- Hot Dino Rhinos;
- Cutscenes;
- NPCs;
- A slightly suggestive final boss;

This hack was not made with CRT monitors in mind. I don't take any responsability for cutoff in the cutscene texts or status bar. Sorry about that.

-- x --

Version 1.5.2 changelog:

- Gargoyle's Cliff: Made two jumps more tighter and harder to cheese or be skipped.

- Qubasa Sport Field: Added extra munchers to avoid skips.

- Forgotten Library: Fixed the ending screen. If you jump in the corners, you would be teleported to the boss fight.

- Yamato Bamboo Field: Added a cement wall next to the end of the second half to avoid the player from walking to death. Colliding with an enemy in the right corner of the boss arena damages the player. I have no idea how to fix that issue.
The boo cloud in the first half may cause sprites to warp. I don't know a fix for it at the moment

- Kyushu Bridge: Changed enemy placement to avoid the despawn of a yellow koopa.

- Mechanical Oedo: A lot of nerfs and adjustments. Basils are reverted to hurt only, instead of instakill. Removed a cheese from the first half. Second half now contain two reset pipes. Enemy placement adjusted. Removed slowdown in a certain spot. Added powerup remover in a certain spot to avoid players of cheesing the next obstacles. Adjusted 1-up checkpoint placement.

- Setsuma Village: Adjusted boss arena.

- Gorgeous Stage Fort: Made a jump involving the buzzy beetle less tight. Fixed item index in one of the rooms.

- Mutsu Mountainroad: Adjusted the checkpoint that leads to the boss, so it's closer to the player. Fixed typo in one of the cutscenes.

- Credits: minor tweaks.


- Yamato Bamboo Field: Colliding with an enemy in the right corner of the boss arena damages the player. I have no idea how to fix that issue.

- Mutsu Mountainroad: There's a small bug with the last message box sprite in the game. At first, it won't show any message, but if you hit it again, it will display normally a message. I have no idea what causes this weird bug.

- Gorgeous Stage Fort: Sometimes the boss of the area will spawn in T-Pose until the health bar fills up. This is just a very minor weird behavior. The boss works as usual.

- Miscellaneous: Hitting the brick blocks with small Mario will cause them to use weird colors. It's just a minor graphical glitch, the blocks work fine.
Tags: chocolate custom character custom music custom sprites exgfx non-mario platforming retro traditional
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Comments (10)

Hermoplus Link
Cookies! :D
foxsouns Link
this hack lives up to its difficulty rating. got like halfway through level one before breaking and using savestates. not bad, just wish it at least had some sort of curve, because i literally game over'd on the title level. if i were rating this for me, i would give it a 3.5, though im sure other, more experienced people would like this hack.
Lowpics Link
Very hard enough to broke my fingers. But, nice hack!
Nao From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
This hack is incredibly hard, probably one of the hardest on the website. All levels are marathon-length with tough setups throughout and few checkpoints, therefore I only recommend this for very experienced SMW players.

I love the presentation of the hack, graphics and music are just wonderful throughout. It's great how every level has a unique theme, and everything revolves around it including enemy graphics.

Levels are so-so. Almost all of them are slow paced, with a lot of tough jumps through spikes or requiring item management (for example bringing shells along to pass the next obstacle). Often times this works great, like in stage 1, but other times it can feel frustrating having to redo these kind of obstacles over and over due to the length of segments without checkpoints. In particular, the required item management can get frustrating when you accidently destroy a shell or a goomba that is needed to pass the next obstacle.

The bosses are the weakest point of the hack in my opinion, mostly because they are very hard (some of them feel spammy with enemies as well) and don't have a checkpoint before them. I found myself savestating through most boss fights for this reason.

Overall I would recommend this hack since it is very unique and has more positives than negatives, but you ARE gonna suffer and potentially get frustrated when playing it, so be prepared for that.
Mr. MS From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
This is a great hack with some very creative setups, very interesting visuals and a great choice of songs.
Mr. MS From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
Really great and polished hack with really challenging levels, looking forward for the final release.
qantuum From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
I'll try to beat it.
Just spent 10 minits in the first level and it's still not beaten because I play like potato.
It's hard but in the good kind of way.
I've been following this on discord for a while and I admire your works because you seem to enjoy yourself a lot, a bit like a mad scientist #smrpg{<3}
quickdraw86 From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
Really enjoying this one. It's NES hard, but, in a good way. Really looking forward to seeing some more.
 Amethyst From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
This demo (which has more content than some full hack releases) was an absolute blast - a shit-kicker for sure, but a real good time. It really hits those old school Nintendo Hard notes that it was going for.

Also, frick bumpties.
 Anorakun Author From older version: Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Link
Whoever download the hack, please redownload again, I've fixed a fatal oversight in my map 16. Now Yamato Bamboo Field is working as I intended, sorry for not noticing that. #smrpg{ohno}