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Transmission Chain Experiment

Super Mario World Hacks → Transmission Chain Experiment

Submission Details

Name: Transmission Chain Experiment
Author: Various Authors
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: When users of SMW Central were given the prompt to partake in the then untitled "Transmission Chain Experiment", our observers noted some truly unexpected behaviour. Each participant was given the task of creating only a single screen per level, and must have built it on top of a previous participant's screen. The results were garish, incomprehensible, and maddening.

More research must be done for further conclusions.

A note for players: as a spontaneous collaborative hack, that was made screen-by-screen, the levels do not follow any common conventions of design. The result is a game that is quite idiosyncratic and sections vary widely in difficulty, so it may be an unusual or tedious experience when played without tool assistance.
Tags: collaboration sa-1 vanilla
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Comments (4)

Interesting concept, but man is the gameplay trash, but considering how every level is, that seems to be the point, still terrible to play through, there were some rare times when it was actually decent enough to play through, but again, they are rare.

SolveForX Link
I participated :D
ZX497 Link
Well, it's trash. Enjoyable, but only just. A neat experiment.
TheKazooBloccGosh Link