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Song Title


    Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy

    SMW Music → Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy

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    Submission Details

    Name: Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy
    Author: MarioSonic4life
    Insert Size: 0x07DC bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Port
    Duration: 2:10
    Featured: No
    Description: One of my personal favorite soundtracks in all of Mario Galaxy.

    Fits best in space, castle, airship levels; Any epic theme will fit nicely!
    Preview: Play SPC
    Tags: airship castle dark final fire industrial ruins space
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    5.0 (1 rating)
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    Download 76.01 KiB | 207 downloads

    Comments (5)

     icrawfish Link
    I would advise against leaving the [r1]255's in each channel for insert size's sake, even if removing them causes an issue that needs fixing, but it's not that big of a problem so I'll leave it be this time. Definitely one of Galaxy's songs that stood out to me most growing up, so glad to see a port of it.
    MarioSonic4life Author Link
    Originally posted by ExxorD
    I'd definitely add 'giant' to the tags as well.

    True, but the problem is that "giant" is not a tag I can put in music submissions. :v
    ExxorD Link
    I'd definitely add 'giant' to the tags as well. Can't help but imagine a volcano level that also has the giant aesthetic to it. Like if there was a fiery overworld level in world 4 of Super Mario Bros. 3.
    Cote de Boeuf Link
    The instruments are balanced a little bit differently from the original--but not to the port's detriment. The part at :21 (I want to call it an arpeggio?) especially is much louder than in the original, but I think it sounds really cool, it actually kinda gave me goosebumps haha.
    That's another thing--I had forgotten how exactly this track sounded, and this port was my first time hearing it in several months. Previously I had remembered it merely as a bombastic orchestral piece characteristic of Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack. Your port was good enough that it made me realize that this is actually my favorite track in the game.
    Nevertheless, I will say that the horn samples at the very start are a bit subdued. Overall the port is very good, but any improvement to how they sound would benefit the port immensely.
    brickblock369 Link
    Pretty good. I thought using DKC2's toms might be more suitable and intense, though.