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P-Switch Solid Directional Coins

SMW Patches → P-Switch Solid Directional Coins

Submission Details

Name: P-Switch Solid Directional Coins
Author: JamesD28
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch fixes an "oversight" (more likely a lazy design choice) where the leading coin of the Directional Coins sprite will not become solid when the blue P-Switch is active - sometimes resulting in the player getting crushed as the sprite generates a solid tile, or pushed out from the blocks when moving up. The patch makes the leading coin act solid when the P-Switch is active, allowing the player to ride the block and preventing them from getting crushed.
Tags: directional coins lorom p-switch sa-1 solid
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
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Comments (7)

MarioSMWGooder Link
Tested with:
Lunar Magic 3.31
Works ok I Also tested it#smw{:TUP:}
SMWizard Link
This inspires me to imagine a variation wherein an eating block (that mimics the player's directional inputs on a delay) appears shortly after the activation of the directional coins, serving as a player-controlled version of the brown block snake. Perhaps this version of the directional coin could optionally begin in the brown block state.
 Fernap Link
Tested with:
- Lunar Magic 3.31
- SA-1 Pack 1.40
- Snes9x 1.60, Bsnes-plus 05
- Asar 1.81

Works as advertised (with one minor caveat), so accepted. There will still be some slightly odd behavior when on Yoshi due to how the solid block routine works, but SMW will be SMW. In particular, Mario will just get snapped up if hit from the side by the solid leading edge, rather than pushed along. And if the leading edge hits Mario from above (while standing on the ground), it will kill him outright, rather than clipping him to the side as when not on Yoshi.
aroohwahoou Link
Originally posted by HammerBrother
JamesD28 Changed my mind, In vanilla SMW, devs never intend using the directional coins with the p-switch running.

Star World 5 had the player use a P-Switch and the directional coins at the same time to make a bridge
HammerBrother Link
JamesD28 Changed my mind, In vanilla SMW, devs never intend using the directional coins with the p-switch running.
JamesD28 Author Link
Originally posted by HammerBrother
Bug Fix: No

(more likely a lazy design choice)

I don't think it can be definitively called a bug when riding the leading coin/block wasn't something that original SMW required. Even if this patch seems like the "natural" behaviour of the sprite, if it was left out intentionally then it's not a bug.
HammerBrother Link
Bug Fix: No