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A Mole in Space

Super Mario World Hacks → A Mole in Space

Submission Details

Name: A Mole in Space
Authors: Anorakun, Dark Prince, Donut, NopeContest, Segment1Zone2
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Embark on a short space journey to fix Moley's Spaceship and help him to continue his space expeditions. Three fully fleshed tough levels that will challenge your gaming skills. Unlock new powers as you progress and find more ship parts. This very short hack doesn't save and has infinite lives. Are you up to the challenge?

ASM: Friday_D0nat
Baserom: Anorakun
Epic Tomatoes: NopeContest
Graphics: Dark Prince, Friday_D0nat and NopeContest
Level Design: Anorakun, NopeContest, Segment1Zone2
Moley: Dark Prince
Music: Segment1Zone2
Overworld: Friday_D0nat

Everything else we have used is listed in the txt file included with this zip file.

Compared to our Hackjam Submission, this version fixes some graphic inconsistencies and an oddity of one of the levels using the regular midway (now it uses the Midway Bell). Small nerfs were made to Neokyoto Field.

This hack uses SA-1.

See you, Space Cowboy!
Tags: asm custom character enemy exgfx exploration hackjam hdma moley music non-mario powers traditional
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Comments (7)

 Anorakun Author Pinned Link
This new update reworks a bit the level Sector MLY. Instead of powerups scattered through the stage, the player now only needs to pass through powerup gates to recover their mech. This remedies the issue of being locked if you lose your powerup, since the gates will ALWAYS recover the mech.
Danik2343 Link
Good hack for HackJam 2021 Event!
My Longplay for this hack! *Click*
Love Puzzle Hack's!
luigi doll Link
a very interesting hack, I really like the graphics.O.O
BanzaiChuck From older version: A Mole in Space Link
The projectie spam is strong with this one, but the sections are reasonably short and I had a lot of fun with this hack.
gyorge From older version: A Mole in Space Link
parece bom :D
 Alex From older version: A Mole in Space Link
Team name removed, since all authors are already listed in the submission.
 Pokemon Hacker From older version: A Mole in Space Link
Looks like a great movie