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RAM Controlled Mario's Fireballs Limit v1.1

Patches para SMW → RAM Controlled Mario's Fireballs Limit v1.1

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: RAM Controlled Mario's Fireballs Limit v1.1
Autor: Kevin
Ferramenta: Asar
Requer Espaço Livre: Sim
Bug Fix: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Descrição: This patch lets you change Mario's fireballs limit per level, or even during a level, by using a RAM address to hold the fireball limit instead of always being 2. This can be used both to allow more rapid shooting but also to limit the fireball ability (only 1 or even no fireball at a time). For instructions and info, check the readme file.
Uses 1 byte of freeram. Compatible with "Extended No Sprite Tile Limits" patch (but not required).

v1.1: fixed glitch where cape spinning could kill Mario's fireballs in lower sprite slots.
Marcadores: ability fireball lorom sa-1
Comentários: 1 (pular para comentários)
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Added ability tag.

A very simple patch. I can see use of it in a hack which implements permanent upgrades like in JUMP.