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Song Title


    Super Mario World

    BRR Samples → Super Mario World

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    Submission Details

    Name: Super Mario World
    Author: MarioFanGamer
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: A sample pack of every sample found in Super Mario World, the game we all love and like.
    Tags: acoustic piano bongo cello closed hi-hat crystal fx electric piano flute glockenspiel kick maracas marimba orchestra hit overdriven guitar power snare slap bass snare steel drums steel guitar thunder tom trumpet violin wood block
    Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (13)

    Tomi P Link
    Yes hooray I found my favourite samples #smw{:D}
    LuigiXHero Link
    Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
    the game we all love and like
    says who smw bad #ab{>:}
    Dark Mario Bros Link
    Who put SMW in my SMW?

    Anyway, this will be handy for YI music ports tho
    Soul Link
    7 up Link
    Finally, SMW samples can be used for SMW YI ports!
     Hooded Edge Link
    Man, I can't believe it!
     Ayami Link
    Miyamoto is watching us
    Dark Prince Link
    thank you now i can listen to @17 for 24 hours nonstop now, day improved
    Ultima Link
    thanks man, was waiting for this for a while now #wario{:peace:}
    LMPuny Link
    thanks i couldn't rip them from the game
    brickblock369 Link
     Kevin Link
    Finally I can use SMW samples in my ports
     Segment1Zone2 Link