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Cave Story - Outer Wall

SMW Graphics → Cave Story - Outer Wall

Submission Details

Name: Cave Story - Outer Wall
Author: FalseCircus
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Layer 3
Slots Used: LG3, LG4
Palette Row(s) Used: 0, 1
Description: Cave Story's Outer Wall, originally ripped by 7601 to layer 2, I converted it to layer 3. I also modified the included parallax HDMA ASM to work on layer 3.

Note that this overwrites status bar palettes, so a status bar patch should be used. Like the DKCR status bar or the Minimalist Status Bar .
Tags: 2bpp night patch needed sky
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Comments (1)

Diego13 Link
As the original status bar will remove the layer 3 backgrounds.