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Velocity-Based Climb Patch

SMW Patches → Velocity-Based Climb Patch

Submission Details

Name: Velocity-Based Climb Patch
Author: BreadWheatmann
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: This patch is actually 3 patches in 1, with numerous customization options and the ability to enable them individually. These are intended to make Mario's interactions with climbable blocks (such as vines) function with the same smoothness and ease as newer iterations in the Mario franchise.

The main Velocity-Based Climb Patch is intended to alter (improve) the mechanic where Mario, if jumping while over a climbable block, immediately climbs again if up or down is held. The solution is similar to ones implemented in modern Mario platformers. If Mario has a Y velocity / speed greater than the trigger velocity (0, by default) while holding a given vertical direction over climbable block, Mario does not climb. Climbing only is successful when velocity is at or below the trigger, zero by default, resulting in Mario starting to climb at the peak of his jump.

This fix can be chosen to apply to up climb inputs, down climb inputs, or both. By default, it applies to up only, and does not affect down inputs, giving players the ability to press down to initiate climb no matter what their Y velocity is.

Also, (for Kaizo creators in particular,) there is the option to disable the velocity patch's effects while Mario is in water. This may be useful for hacks that still want to retain the movement limitations which climb blocks introduce to water levels.

The companion patch to the velocity patch allows Mario to perform a small or large swim if the player holds down / up respectively when jumping out of a climb when in water. This allows players to instantly swim at the correct swim speed for their input, rather than the standard neutral jump-from-climb. This makes swimming out of a climb much more versatile than vanilla mechanics allow.

And included as a standalone fix patch, sound effects when jumping out of climb when in water will now play the "Swim" sound effect, instead of the standard "Jump".

Each of these patches can be selected and included independent of each other. However, the companion patch doesn't function without the main (first) patch due to the way vanilla swimming mechanics negate it, so enabling it by itself is not recommended.

Happy hacking!
Tags: abilities climb climbing net fix lorom sa-1 sfx speed swim vine water
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Comments (1)

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Added screenshot, lorom and abilities tags.

When you try to disable this patch, remember that it doesn't remove it altogether from the code.
In addition, I'd prefer the possibility to climb a block when you press a button even when the speed is invalid. It nonetheless is still a good QoL patch which makes jumping on vines much less tedious compared to vanilla SMW.