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Título da Canção


    The 11th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Highest-Ranking Map

    Música para SMW → The 11th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Highest-Ranking Map

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    Detalhes da Submissão

    Nome: The 11th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Highest-Ranking Map
    Autor: bebn legg
    Tamanho de Inserção: 0x097D bytes
    Tipo: Canção
    Utilização de Sample: Nenhuma
    Fonte: Original
    Duração: 1:08
    Em Destaque: Não
    Descrição: The song that plays in the VLDC11 compilation's highest-ranking world, and is accordingly full of funny pitch bends. On that note, those may cut out very noticeable if you have too many SFX playing, so something worth keeping in mind. It should be fine for overworld use though.
    Visualização: Tocar SPC
    Marcadores: abstract bonus night overworld space
    Comentários: 6 (pular para comentários)
    5,0 (3 avaliações)
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    Comentários (6)

    Lmao Link
    love it! It really fit VLDC11!#smw{:TUP:}
    Enan63 Link
    Favorite overworld from VLDC 11!!! #smw{^_^}
     Segment1Zone2 Link
    There are no words to describe how much I love this composition. Bravo! #smrpg{y}
    Murphmario Link
    The start of this is giving Mega Man 4 Wily Stage 2 vibes.
    Fullcannon Link
    The text file for insertion contains the statistics instead of the actual song, making it unable to be inserted in the latest Addmusic.
     bebn legg Author Link
    Ah, the classic mistake. Fixed, thank you!