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Name: Hide Status Bar
Author: Ladida
Submitted: by Anas
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: A simple non-invasive code I (Anas) asked Ladida publicly on SnesLab half a year back to disable the status bar. The major advantage this code has is that via LM's tilemap editor, you can make any specific L3 tiles you want go over or behind L2! Before using, please note the following:

- The destination for the level's L3 BG tilemap must be set to 'Start of Layer 3'

- Works with MFG's parallax toolkit!

- Doesn't work with Mode 0 or anything using IRQ and layer 3 shenanigans like MFG's YI falling wall; for that you'll need Kevin's toggled per-level status bar instead. Don't merge that patch's UberASM code with this code though!

- The aforementioned patch is also necessary to fix a bug where layer 3 will jitter when the screen scrolls. Don't turn on the 'fix layer 3 scroll sync option' via LM in your level or the problem will be worse!

- Kevin's sprite item box patch is recommended, lest you have a floating reserve item with no border of any sort surrounding it. This patch includes an option to enable it in certain levels with a free RAM
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