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Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown

Super Mario World Hacks → Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown

Submission Details

Name: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown
Author: cyphermur9t
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 66 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: The story is based on a mysterious enemy who blows
up the Mushroom Kingdom with a nuclear bomb. Problem is the
enemy does that sometime in the future. Mario (and maybe Luigi)
follow the time traveler through his time machine, picking up
clues and hints of the time he is in, and when he blows up
the Mushroom Kingdom. Now the Mario brothers try to prevent
the explosion, even though it hasn't even happened yet...Or has it?

Music, slowdown, and other issues fixed!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx gimmick music story variety
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.0 (8 ratings)
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Comments (15)

SomeGuy712x Link
I have discovered a MAJOR flaw that can completely softlock a save file.

The level Oceanic in the year 4007 has a secret exit, but is yellow on the overworld, and if you unlock its secret exit, then the path leading east from the next level, Coastal Ghetto 3, is revealed.

However, if you do this before actually clearing Coastal Ghetto 3 first, then you will actually be unable to travel along that path to the castle, and cannot complete the game.

So, to fix this, Oceanic should be a red level on the overworld, with a proper secret exit route placed from it, and have Coastal Ghetto 3's exit number be changed so it's not triggered from Oceanic's secret exit.

Or, if the secret exit in Oceanic is not meant to be reachable (which is likely the intent, but it turns out it is quite easily reachable), then simply remove the keyhole (but maybe leave the key present to help the player swim faster).
PrincessGina48 Link
A power-up between bosses in Castle V would be helpful.
MegaSonic1999 Link
Wow cool, no more lags! that's amazing! How did you get rid of it? 'Cause I think I'll really need it. Thanks in advance.
ScarPc Link
Brutapode89 Link
Hi SimFan96. When you have time, can you fix SMW 2012: Master Hand's Doomsday, please?
babyseal Link
mushroom kingdom slowdown... home...
MegaSonic1999 Link
It would be great if the Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Reloaded soundtrack was featured in this hack.
Also, the hack has some graphical issues that needs to be fixed.
Bullymario Link
My experiences was horrible when I first played this, due to the slowdown.
MegaSonic1999 From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
I have a suggestion for you next time you update this hack, if you want to disable the bonus stars, use this patch to disable them. This way, you can use the standard goal point without having to beat the bonus game when collecting 100 bonus stars, because they will be disabled anyway. Same thing with the 2nd episode.
Chwee From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
Atomicatoms From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
I think this hack is decent and has a good plot, even though it has a few messed up graphics, white message box when you start the apocalypse version of Coastal Ghetto, and many slowdowns/lag in many levels.

Other people have already reviewed this but my question is this: What's going on with the revamp of Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown? Is it still in the works or was it silently cancelled?

A revamp/remake of MKM (maybe even MKM2 too) could make the series great for players.
kaitri From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
i played the first 2 worlds (finished all secret exits up to the end of castle 2) of this hack and AT BEST i can only give 2/5 stars.

there are many reasons for this but i will just bring a few up

tons of slowdowns
not being able what i can stand on and what not (resulting in me dying)
music not fitting at all. the music in the first castle is so cheerful i wasnt sure if this is a castle or some green land full of flowers
switch palaces are annoying as hell, you have to choose between top middle and bot path about 10 times in a row and everytime you choose wrong it resets you back to the beginning. i saw NO WAY to tell which is the right path. with the short timelimit this ended in me using savestates cause it got annoying.
secret exits being always placed almost at the end of the level, forcing you to complete the whole level 2 times
difficulty "hard" seems to come from only unfair parts.

i will play part 2 of this hack and hope its better.
Kyanite From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
Me, I like most of the GFX used here. But, the glitched GFX in the apocalyptic world always seemed to bother me.
MarkVD100 From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
It's actually the old blocktool that's causing the slowdown.
 Wakana From older version: Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown Link
I played the sequel without playing the first one. I had to play this.

The strong point of this hack is the design: very original, creative ideas and very fun to go through. Almost each level has its own gimmick/idea/w/e, making this hack pretty varied. Of course, some small design flaws don't miss, like the fact that you're forced to die in some rooms if you mess up. A thing that brings the hack down is the slowdown: some levels have it permanent, and it's a really annoying problem. If the author is going to keep the amount of sprites per screen, I'd suggest to implement SA-1 in your revamp. Either that, or cut the number of sprites in those level where it occurs most.

Aesthetics are not very good overall. I admit, some settings and atmopshere looked good, but most of the stuff is really bad looking, with silly palettes and bad assembled graphics (note some of the backgrounds, they look "cutted" in some parts). This factor needed more attentions.

Some technical issues:
- Music breaks on accurate emulators.
- "Treeline Castle" has white message box.
- "Coastal Ghetto" (the apocalypse one) has a white message box. In the level, also, dry bones have wrong gfx.

Overall, 3/5. It's not looking very good in terms of graphics, but it's incredibly fun.