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Easy Throw Block

SMW Blocks → Easy Throw Block

Submission Details

Name: Easy Throw Block
Author: AmazingChest
Version History: View
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: A throw block that is automatically grabbed if the player jumps off it while holding X or Y. Essentially makes what is normally a 1-frame trick extremely easy and consistent. Impress your friends!

Now has the option to enable spinning while grabbing and jumping with the "A" button, which a vanilla throw block does not allow. Disabled by default.

Modified from HammerBrother's throw blocks pack:
Tags: layer2 lorom sa-1 throw block
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Comments (3)

 Major Flare Link
Moderated with: Lunar Magic 3.31, GPS 1.4.3, ZMZ 1.08, and SA-1 1.40 (after conversion).

It works, so accepted. Made it SA-1 compatible as well.
 MarkAlarm From older version: Easy Throw Block Link
Moderated with:
- Lunar Magic 3.31
- GPS 1.4.21
- Snes9x v1.60

Added SA-1 compatibility upon moderation since this was a fairly simple block. Would be useful for beginner Kaizo hacks given the easing up of this otherwise frame perfect trick. Works as expected, though keep note that the player can spin jump off of this and grab the block. Maybe an update could see this be an option rather than the only method.

AmazingChest Author From older version: Easy Throw Block Link
I also think that an option to disable spinning and grabbing would be nice, but I actually have no idea why you can't do it with the vanilla block so I'll have to look into it.