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Servus 64 (v1.3)

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Servus 64 (v1.3)

Submission Details

Name: Servus 64 (v1.3)
Author: NBKevin98
Difficulty: Kaizo
Demo: No
Length: 141 star(s)
Description: A Classic-Based Hack, heavily inspired by LUGMILLORD's SM74 and SM74EE.

Your friend lost their wallet in this World. Because he is busy, you have to find and retrieve it for them. It's of great urgency, they might not attend to a Pizza Dinner without it! Will you be able to save it?

-141 Stars to collect (110 to Final Bowser)
-aglab2 cam patch
-Custom Bowser Fights (No ASM)
-some Custom Music
-mostly Vanilla Textured Levels
-Bonus Area

The Hack starts with basic difficulty (first levels like SM74), and then gets increasingly harder till the end (last levels like SM74EE).

Good luck and enjoy! :)
Video Link: Link
Tags: classic hard hacks sm64 hack sm74 speedrun vanilla gfx
Download 6.48 MiB | 2,738 downloads


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