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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door - Vivian

Graphismes SMW → Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door - Vivian

Détails de la soumission

Nom: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door - Vivian
Auteur: clockworkweeble
Ajouté le:
Type: Original
Fonction: Joueur
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used: 8
Description: A complete set of player replacement graphics. Vivian from Paper Mario: The
Thousand-Year Door. Includes frames for cape, overworld, castle animations
and blushing. I drew these myself from scratch.

Should preserve the switch block and Yoshi palettes correctly.

Use Lunar Magic's "Insert Shared Palettes to ROM..." to insert the shared
palette. This will overwrite the entire shared palette in the ROM. If you
don't want to do that, you can instead use Player_Palette_Patch.asm with an
ASM patcher such as Asar. The patch will overwrite only the player portions
of the shared palette.

If you're using Lunar Magic's custom palettes on the overworld, the custom
palette will override the shared palette, causing Vivian to appear in the
wrong colours. You can use "Import to current overworld submap palette from
file" with Overworld_palette.pal to update the player colours in your
custom palette. Make sure Overworld_palette.palmask is in the same directory
when you do this.

When walking left on the overworld, part of the Yoshi will flash red instead
of green (or whatever colour the Yoshi is supposed to be). Normally this is
hard to see because the parts affected are mostly obscured by Mario, save for
a few pixels. This is because some of the tile data was incorrectly marked to
use Mario's palette. However, since Vivian doesn't have feet, you can see
more of Yoshi and it's quite distracting. You may want to apply the included
patch "Yoshi_Overworld_Fix.asm" using Asar to fix it.

With great thanks to @mm102_ for the template and player exporter.[1]

I would love to know what you use this in! Find me on Twitter. Credit is
greatly appreciated.


Version history

1.0.0 - First release

Étiquettes: creature female
Commentaires: 4 (aller aux commentaires)
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commentaires (4)

clockworkweeble Author Lien
Thank you all for the kind words. I forgot to link it but I've got a short video of some of the graphics on Twitter.
SimFan96 Lien
This is incredible!! Fantastic job!
 Anorakun Lien
Very expressive and charming player sprite. Fantastic job! #smrpg{:3}
KBY30 Lien
These sprites look amazing!