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    Block Kuzushi - Game Over

    SMW Music → Block Kuzushi - Game Over

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    Submission Details

    Name: Block Kuzushi - Game Over
    Author: Masked Man
    Insert Size: 0x007C bytes
    Type: Misc.
    Sample Usage: None
    Source: Port
    Duration: 0:03
    Featured: No
    Description: Time to port music from a Breakout clone!

    A simple game over jingle, good for misses. I even put in a define flag that allows you to add the death SFX at the beginning.

    This one is hard to port due to the game's sound driver (programmed by OeRSTED) not being supported by vgmtrans. So I used SPCtoMML, and optimized it as soon as I could, even changing the instrument pitch data.

    This is the unsampled version.
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    Tags: game over miss
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    Download 59.46 KiB | 42 downloads

    Comments (2)

    Masked Man Author Link
    Fixed a mistake again, this time about accidentally leaving the "#path" section intact.
    Masked Man Author Link
    I accidentally left a sample in the MML's "#samples" section. Oops! Redownload it to fix the issue.