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Super Big Super Shy World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Big Super Shy World

Submission Details

Name: Super Big Super Shy World
Author: TaddyMason74
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 30 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard, Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Super Big Super Shy World is a beginner kaizo hack in dedication to TheBigShyGuy.

In this hack you'll see a heavy dose of chocolate with a light dose of kaizo as you set out to retrieve your stolen pizza!

Special World can be unlocked by completing 3 more difficult Shell Palaces and will offer a unique set of challenges in 4 optional levels.

Required non-castle levels have 5 optional Yoshi coins to collect.

This hack features:

-5 Worlds to explore

-Many custom graphics

-Optional shell themed palaces

-29 Exits, plus final castle (now 1 extra hidden exit)

-Custom music

-SMWC Bosses

-ShyGuy, lots of ShyGuy

-Secret rooms

V1.3 Changelog

-2 line Yoshi paws

-Switch palaces now more accessible

-Nerfed the third boss (3HP -> 2HP)

-Fixed a broken screen exit in Welcome to Shy City

-Fixed a softlock in Shycicle Shafts

-Reworked a few sections

-Yoshi Coin tracking on OverWorld and individual YC saves

-Retry is now instant with the option to start/select out of levels

-Moving on OW saves progress

-Yoshi's house level name now in Dutch and has custom music

-Added backgrounds here and there

-More secret rooms

-Some levels now easier to look at

-Title screen/intro level changed for a better introduction to the hack

-Extra secret exit locked behind Yoshi coins

-Did I mention secrets?
Tags: bosses chocolate custom character custom music first hack kaizo noob
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Comments (1)

zanag1g From older version: Super Big Super Shy World Link
very nice, as a newby i like it, short stages with moderate you need some minutes but you CAN beat it :)