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Tools → BinThumbnail

Submission Details

Name: BinThumbnail
Author: spooonsss
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW, YI
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: Link
Description: Windows Explorer uses BinThumbnail to generate thumbnails for SNES 4 bpp .bin graphics files.

To use:
Run install.cmd (with BinThumbnail.dll in the same directory)
Open Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) and navigate to a directory containing SNES 4 bpp .bin files (e.g. ExGraphics/)
View->Large Icons
Windows Explorer shows icons for the .bin files rendered with SMW palette $A

.bin files contain no metadata, so the thumbnails are always generated assuming 4 bpp
.bin files contain no palette information, so the thumbnails are always generated with SMW palette $A
Does not work in processes run "As Administrator"

Please submit bugs and improvements to:
Tags: graphics
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
5.0 (7 ratings)
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Download 88.22 KiB | 407 downloads


Comments (14)

Anas Link
If you extract your hack's graphics (either GFX or ExGFX files), then the thumbnails of those extracted graphics will disappear. To deal with this, simply reinstall BinThumbnail.
Awesome! This tool helps a lot
MM102 Link
Been loving this tool so far! The only thing is I wish I could change the palette but other than that this works flawlessly!
Moltz Link
Absolutely fantastic.
Vitor Vilela Link
I found the tool very simple and straightforward to install. I think an interesting improvement would be allow to use set up a custom palette, maybe by having a palette file in same directory as the DLL file. Still, it makes way easier to look for 4BPP graphics specially on a big SMW hack project.

Important notes for anyone interested in using the tool:

1. Make sure to install on a directory that you don't have plans in moving it to another location. If the DLL gets moved to another path, the preview will stop working and you will have to install it again. The same applies for folders that you might end up deleting it.

2. On my tests, immediately after hitting install.cmd the preview started working on my Windows 10 OS. However, in case you don't see any immediate effect, consider restarting your computer before looking at any .bin file on Windows Explorer.
ninj Link
Commenting so i can give it 5 stars #smrpg{<3}
 AmperSam Link
This is quite a useful tool for people who do a lot of graphics things, nice stuff!
 Donut Link
Very, VERY useful! This deserves more attention!
Jolpengammler Link
Works perfectly! This is a really handy thing if you're like me and can't remember which file had what graphics
El Cuh Fermin Link
Originally posted by spooonsss
Originally posted by El Cuh Fermin
Does it use with ExGraphics?

Yes, it works with ExGraphics files, except for layer 3 files, which are 2 bpp.

And for me it didn’t work #tb{:(}
spooonsss Author Link
Originally posted by El Cuh Fermin
Does it use with ExGraphics?

Yes, it works with ExGraphics files, except for layer 3 files, which are 2 bpp.
simon.caio Link
very useful, now its time to clean up the exgfx folder! :)
El Cuh Fermin Link
Does it use with ExGraphics?
LMPuny Link
yooo this is gonna be very useful for me! having to open a gfx file to check what's it about is too slow. this will help with that.